With Zero Waste Blue, the Huawei Venicemarathon becomes more and more green!
Venicemarathon runs towards the goal of sustainability. After obtaining, in 2015, the ISO20121 certification for the management of sustainable events issued by Tuv Rheinland (first and only running event in Italy), last year Venicemarathon was chosen by Veneto Region as a "pilot event" for the new project of environmental and territorial protection “Zero Waste Blue sport events for territorial development" funded with the Italy Croatia VA Program, and this year the marathon of next 27th October will be a "sustainability model".

The aim of the project is to reduce the environmental impact, reduce CO2, increase socio-cultural and economic benefits and classify the sustainability of the event, through a series of actions undertaken on different work tables (transport, recycling, use of sustainable materials, removal of architectural barriers and digitization of all processes).

These actions produce data that is entered into a digital platform created ad hoc “Zero Waste”. The first test carried out last year with the 33rd Huawei Venicemarathon generated the following results: Total Sustainability of 81.13%; Environmental Sustainability (82.95%); Socio-Cultural Sustainability (82.09%); Economic Sustainability (74.33%).

The details of this project were illustrated this morning during a press conference at Palazzo Balbi that was attended by the regional councilor for tourism and EU Funds programming, Federico Caner and the president and general secretary of Venicemarathon, Piero Rosa Salva and Lorenzo Cortesi.

Councilor Caner said: "We selected the Venicemarathon, as a pilot event to test sustainable and accessible solutions with the aim of re-proposing the good practices experimented in organizing other sporting events. We immediately found the promoters of Venicemarathon very collaborative. The involvement of all the interested local actors was one of the discriminating factors in the choice of the event and with Rosa Salva and his collaborators we immediately started to work profitably, taking into consideration its environmental, economic and social dimension".

"We are honored to have been involved in this project and happy to have become a model of study for such an important cause as environmental sustainability. This leads us to increase our commitment to become, one day, an event at "Impact 0". The sensitivity towards these issues is part of the Venicemarathon DNA and we are pleased that the Veneto Region has recognized these values ​​in the Venicemarathon" said Piero Rosa Salva.

Here there are the details

Since last year's edition, a more sustainable transport strategy has been developed, result of discussion tables between Venicemarathon, the Tourism Directorate of the Region of Veneto, the regional Directorate Trenitalia - Passenger Division and the Frecce sector and FS Busitalia, developing a model to encourage regional andinterregional rail transport and the creation of a model aimed at rationalizing transport on rubber.

Pay attention to waste
Venicemarathon places more and more attention to the correct recycling in big areas like the Venice Mararthon Village of Parco San Giuliano and the post-race zone, where the largest number of waste generated by the refreshments is produced. The same goes also for refreshment points along the racecourse. I twill be also be created and ecological islands to further enhance recycling, in collaboration with the Veritas municipal company.

Digitization and elimination of paper waste
Digitalisation of the athletes' registration process and the advent of smartphones has allowed eliminating almost entirely the use of paper. Also all the communication and promotion of the event, at national and International level, takes place through modern communication tools such as apps and social media that avoid producing paper.

The "Zero Waste Blue" project also has among its objectives the increase in socio-cultural benefits and, in this perspective, one of the main elements is accessibility to cultural heritage. Venicemarathon chose to improve the usability of Villa Pisani in Stra (starting marathon area), designing a permanent platform, which will be installed in the month of October and which will be donated to the Villa to improve access to this architectural asset of extraordinary beauty.

Plastic Recovery
From this year Venicemarathon will start a two-year project with CO.RE.PLA (recovery consortium plastic) in order to recover all the plastic (bottles and glasses) that will be produced and used during the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon and the different Family Runs. The recovery of these materials can give life to new products, which will be used for the 2021 edition. 

Last but not least, for several years the Venicemarathon adheres with all its events to the awareness campaign “Enjoy Respect Venezia”, inviting its participants to adopt
behaviors respectful of the environment and its citizens at every moment of the event.