The 34th Huawei Venicemarathon and Dorelan focus on rest as training
The  leader company in the "Bedding" field becomes sponsor of the Venicemarathon and on the official Venicemarathon Facebook page will propose tips to guide athletes to rest as “passive” workout

Venice, July 11, 2019 - Good sleep is essential for the physical and mental well-being and health of people; sleep is a real passive training because it allows you to restore energy spent during the day and improve performance.

In Venicemarathon family enters this year a partner who cares the "good rest" of the athletes as a training tool: Dorelan, the Italian company with a history of 50 years in Bedding sector.

At 34th Huawei Venicemarathon of next 27 October, Dorelan will present the line of mattresses and pillows scientifically designed to improve the recovery, well-being and performance of athletes.

The company from Forlì wanted to look out for the sporting world for over a year and a half ago and created the product Dorelan ReActive : «To recover the maximum of his/her energies, the athlete must improve the quality of sleep and the fundamental instrument to achieve this aim is the choice of a high quality mattress designed and studied to satisfy the needs of professional athletes» said Riccardo Tura, marketing manager of Dorelan.

This is the aim for ReActive®: an innovative patent that arises from the result of an in-depth study between sleep and sport performed by Internal Skiing Committee, composed of doctors, researchers and trainers Athletic. A real revolution in the world of Bedding that reduce pressure points and simultaneously maintain perfect musculoskeletal alignment, for maximum freedom of movement and the best comfort. 

Furthermore, Dorelan ReActive ® has developed the "Sleep Trainer" algorithm, which helps to identify the most suitable mattress for each athlete.

Finally, Venicemarathon and Dorelan will explain all the benefits of a good rest as a passive training tool thanks to tips on the Venicemarathon Facebook page, where users can interact and receive personalized advice.