Leo Di Angilla will be at the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon to run, live and tell his adventure in a book
The drummer/percussionist of Jovanotti and Mengoni will be at the start of the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon on Sunday, October 27, to run and tell through the book "Rhythm to run" his ability to reconcile his work as a musician with the preparation of the Venicemarathon. "I will start writing the last chapter on Sunday night when I return from the marathon"

Few people know that the percussionist of Jovanotti and Marco Mengoni is a marathon runner, and even fewer are aware of the fact that he’s becoming a writer. Leo Di Angilla, the Venetian percussionist and drummer who currently works with the two songwriters, but who in the past collaborated with many other big Italian and foreigner musicians, is writing a book in which he tells how a musician with a complicated life, is able to reconcile a intense professional activity to a great passion like running, in order to prepare in just over two months the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon. The last chapter of “Ritmo per corsa” will describe the 34th Venicemarathon, the final destination of this trip.

Leo calls himself "an amateur with a semi- quick leg", physically driven to run thanks to a very lean and agile physique. His young carrier in a marathon runner includes two appearances at the Venice Marathon and the Marathon of Genoa, with a personal best of all respect: 3h29', made in Venice, not to mention the long list of half marathons, trails and ran with less mileage.

When was the idea to write this book born?
“In early August, I learned that I would start the new tour with Marco Mengoni in November, and so I thought that in October I would have absolutely wanted to run a marathon. My choice immediately fell on that of home, my favorite. From here came the idea of writing a book that I would tell the trainings before the marathon, to show how it is possible in a short time and with few ambitions, get ready for 42 km. The book is a sort of diary written in four hands, together with my trainer Pier Paolo Chiofalo: I put my soul and my legs, he puts the brain; I describe training, feelings, thoughts and efforts and he enriches everything with tables and technical-scientific notes. On the evening of Sunday, October 27, when they shall return from the Venicemarathon, I will write the last pages, the l and in fact dedicated to the grand finale".

When did you start running?
"It was the eldest of my 5 children, about 8 years ago, asking me to carry him to run. Then he fed up, while I fell in love with running. I find that there are many similarities between music and sport. I take the same approach of mind both when I prepare a concert that when I train for a marathon. I visualize the objective, I identify the path to reach it, then I go from the head to the final destination and concentrate only on the various stages. In every workout I had to remind myself that on October 27th I will have to run 42 kilometers. Instead, I live the day and I enjoy the training and the course, because the beauty of a journey is the journey itself and not just the end point " .

During the tour 's how do you train?
" Trainings during the tours are only preparatory. In August, for example, while I was with Jovanotti I ran regardless of time and kilometres, only to create the basis " .

What is your approach to the race?
“I’ve created a protocol : RACT © , where R stands for R elax and so I think of continuously relaxing the muscles of the face, neck, shoulders and in general all parts of the body that are not directly functional to the race ; A stands for Alimentazione (nutrition) and so I force myself to stop at every refreshment point where I drink or eat something ; C stands for Costance, that is to maintain a rhythm (for me very nturational) during the whole race without jerking and T stands for Traiettoria, where I always try to follow the shorter and less expensive line " .

How often do you train?
"One day yes and one day not. I train in Venice, following the more or less usual paths of Venetian runners. I usually go out early in the morning and do the perimeter of the city about 15 -16 kilometers with 50-60 bridges, while at other times I go as far as San Giuliano Park in Mestre".
Why did you choose to run the Venicemarathon?
"Because it is the marathon of my city, fascinating and at the same time very comfortable, and then for the strong bond that has tied me from the school's years to Lorenzo Cortesi (General Manager of Venicemarathon) with whom I often share the trainings at the "Murazzi" of the Lido. Lorenzo was one of the first people to whom I confided the book’s project".

What do you think of the route of the Huawei Venicemarathon?
"I love this course from the first to the last meter, and I don't say it because of parochialism but because it is truly unique in the world and the warmth of the people is a great added value. Ador or the Riviera del Brenta, I like Mestre a lot and I'm curious to pass through the new museum pole M9. I then like the green avenues of the San Giuliano Park where I often train. The little flaw for me remains the Ponte della Libertà but, at the end, it's pure spectacle”.