Alex Zanardi confirms his presence at the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon
The great champion with his new world record in the Ironman and two gold and a silver world champion, will be at the Exposport Venicemarathon Village of the San Giuliano Park in Mestre on Saturday 26th October to meet Alì Family Run students, sign autographs and help solidarity. Zanardi won his first handbike career marathon 10 years ago in Venice.

Venice, 23 September 2019 - If the incredible achievements of “handbike champion Zanardi” could be contained in a book, probably the first pages would be dedicated to the Venicemarathon, because precisely in the 2009 edition, 10 years ago, Alex won his first marathon in hanbike. The Venicemarathon marked the beginning of a new era, of an exceptional career that in 10 years saw him put 4 gold and 2 silver Olympic medals and, at world level, 12 gold, 5 silver and 1 bronze medals without counting the rest of the companies in the world cup.

But what he did during the weekend that has just ended in Cervia has even more to do with the incredible. Saturday 21 September Zanardi set the new world record in the Ironman (3.8 km swim, 180 km in handbike and 42.195 in the Olympic wheelchair) lowering his previous record by 36 "and taking it to 8h25'30". But, what is even more surprising is that the following day, Sunday 22 September, Alex also took part in Ironman, covering a total of 339 km in two days. All this after a week from the world paraciclismo that took place in the Netherlands, where he won two golds and one silver.

In the midst of all these commitments, to confirm the friendship with Venicemarathon, Alex Zanardi will be present Saturday 26 October at the Exposport Venicemarathon Village of the San Giuliano Park in Mestre to greet the boys who will take part in the promotional race Alì Famiy Run, sign autographs and help solidarity.

In this video , shot right in Cervia on the eve of Saturday 's Ironman, Zanardi, in addition to underlining his strong connection with the Venice Marathon, invites everyone to run with his heart to help the Charity Program , or the linked fundraising program to the Venicemarathon and based on personal fundraising, or the involvement of marathon runners, ambassadors of a 'good cause' who take action to raise funds. To date, 17 associations have been involved with important social and solidarity projects. Among these, the project launched by Zanardi himself "Objective 3" was born for the third consecutive year. It was created to promote and support start-up to sport for disabled athletes, with the aim of trying to qualify at least 3 for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.