Lencho Tesfaye Anbesa and Judith Korir win the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon
Venice, October 27, 2019 – The Ethiopian Lencho Tesfave Anbesa and the Kenian Judith Korir cross the finish line of Riva Sette Martiri and win the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon in 2h10’49” and 2h29’20”.
In the men race, the 8 African runners were first from the start and passed the half marathon distance in 1h04’55”. Then, the group ran together until the 35th km. Anbesa spent his energies well and he left the other runners in the last part of the race. After some difficulties on the bridges, he finished in 2h10’49”. It is his personal best. At the second and third place, the Kenian athletes Henry Kiprop and Andrew Ben Kimtai. The first Italian athlete who croddes the finish line is Said Boudalia, who established the M50 national record.
For the women race, Judith Korir had a great race, pulled the other athletes ahead, finishing in 2h29’20”. The second place is of Cyntia Jerop and the Ethiopian Meka Wake. The first Italian woman who crossed the finish line is Cecilia Flori.
Huawei Venicemarathon
1. Lencho Tesfaye Anbesa (Eth) 2h10'48"
2. Henry Kiprop (Ken) 2h10'55"
3. Andrew Ben Kimtai (Ken) 2h11'58"
4. Daniel Ndiritu (Ken) 2h12'53"
5. Moses Mengich (Ken) 2h13'18"
6. Ousman Jaiteh (Trentino Running Team) 2h25'39"
7. Said Boudalia (Cagliari Marathon) 2h26'56"
8. Ahmed Nasef (Atletica Desio) 2h27'10"
1. Judith Korir (Ken) 2h29'20"
2. Cynthia Jerop (Ken) 2h31'33"
3. Wake Meka Washo (Eth) 2h34'36"
4. Brendah Kebeya (Ger) 2h38'08"

5. Nikolina Sustic (Cro) 2h41'39"
6. Cecilia Flori (Villa Guglielmi) 2h53'24"
7. Maurizia Cunico (Casone Noceto) 2h59'17"
8. Laura Pieretti (Lbm Sport) 3h3'32"


1.Yohanes Chiappinelli (Carabinieri) 33'32”
2. Massimo Guerra (Atl. Vicentina) 33'59"
3. Giacomo Esposito (Tornado) 34'33"
4. Marco Montorio (Atl. Rigoletto) 35'25"
5. Luca Pistorello (Biotekna) 36'36"
6. Andrea De Stales (Venezia Runners) 37'57"
7.Andrea Baruffaldi (Fratellanza)38'01"
8.Christian Cenedese (Hrobert Running) 38'19"

1. Beatrice Scarpini (Montello Runners) 41'30"
2. Silvia Gavaretti (Atl. Trichiana) 41'58"
3. Federica Panciera (Base Running) 43'43"
4. Silvy Turcato (Piombino) 45'22"
5. Jessica Doria (Generali Runners) 45'38"
6. Barbara Ribolla (Atl. Paratico) 46'12"
7. Deborah Bidoli (Chei Dala mandorla) 46'38"
8. Anna Duse (La Michetta) 47'31"