#itrainathome with Julia Jones!
Dear runners,

The Coronavirus emergency began simply as news that we read in the newspapers. From commenting it from afar, he passed immediately inside our house, in Italy. The last few weeks have been difficult for everyone but, positively, on many occasions I have also seen and felt solidarity and respect among people.

As athletes we are used to sailing in situations of constant change. In the end, nothing but an integral part of sports and training. Being able to make changes, knowing how to adapt and overcome bad moments and obstacles. In this period instead of focusing on what we cannot (anymore) do, we put emphasis on the things that are under our control, to keep us healthy.

  • Try to keep regular times also for our home workouts, especially for those who work from home. I have a studio at home and one of the strict rules that I have always kept has been to have fixed hours, right from the office. In this I also include the times for training. In this month I suggest to have them early in the morning. It will set you up for the day and help wake up your muscles and metabolism. Otherwise take one of the many online courses offered generously and for free
  • Use this moment to support a balanced diet. Staying at home will make it easier to prepare healthy meals and experiment with new dishes. Nothing complicated, just something you have never tried. It is not excessively complicated to learn the manual skills for kneading and preparing bread at home using alternative flours such as rye, corn or rice. By adjusting the meals well, it will be possible to control the weight and the return to the run will be much easier and more pleasant.
  • Savor the taste of eight hours of sleep at night. If there is one thing that unites the athletes I assist in preparing for an event, it is the lack of sleep. In the priority list, sleep (or rest) is placed after family, work and training, instead of being placed first. Adequate sleep strengthens the immune system and this would be enough to consider it of primary importance for health in a period like this.
  • Control your mind for daily life and for sports. One of the most effective and immediate means of exercising emotion control is meditation. It will help you not only in these difficult months but also in the preparation of competitions. Online there are free courses such as Zenonline or MeditazioneZen. Try to see if meditation can be part of your workouts. It is not tiring and can be practiced comfortably at home.

From next Monday I will share with you three weekly workouts to be practiced in the home without special tools. I will propose circuit exercises to be performed in the living room or, if you are lucky, in the home garden. With a bit of perseverance and commitment, I can promise you that you will maintain a good athletic condition during this period and I go on to say that you will come out stronger and more resilient. Ready for a new season when it comes.

Greetings and see you soon,