The “Road to Venicemarathon” training program continues to prepare for the Venice Marathon on October 25
The organizers are working to set up an edition in maximum safety, pending the new ministerial guidelines. The “Venicemarathon Story” project is also underway in these days, a journey backwards from the 34 past editions, through photos and videos posted directly by the athletes, which will mark the path towards the 35th Venicemarathon.

The countdown to the appointment with the Venicemarathon has started for months through the social channels of Venicemarathon. 16 weeks after the event, we get to the heart of the specific preparation to be able to run the marathon or the VM10K in complete serenity on Sunday 25 October 2020.

After taking care of the preparation from home during the lockdown, from today the "official coach" of Venicemarathon Julia Jones will coordinate the third part of the "Road to Venicemarathon" project which will consist of three different contents: the path of approach to the first career marathon of the neophyte Germana Barlocco; the preparation for the 10k race of the athlete Alice Cherciu and the training course to reach a precise chronometric goal managed by the Venicemarathon Pacing Team. The whole project is supported by UYN and HOKA One One, "technical sponsor" and "official shoes" of Venicemarathon.

Since last June 23, the "Venicemarathon Story" project has also started, a journey backwards from the 34 past editions of the Venicemarathon through photographs and videos posted directly by the participants on the Facebook page of the Venice Marathon. The first published editions have already met with great success, showing a strong affection and attachment to the event. The project also hopes to become a real celebratory event that will retrace the history of the Venice Marathon through photographs, films and memorabilia.

There is, therefore, a cautious optimism in the Venicemarathon home and the organizers are at work, in consultation with the competent authorities to identify and plan all the precautions to be implemented in order to ensure that the event takes place in maximum safety.