The new graphic of Venicemarathon, the last Milton Glaser's creation

All subscribers to the VIRTUAL 42K and 10K will receive this year a special T-shirt and a medal with the image designed by the famous American artist, the digital bib number and the participation certificate. The possibility of postponing the registration to 2021 or 2022 is guaranteed.

Venice, September 25, 2020 - The image of the T-shirt and medal of the "Venicemarathon Virtual 42K & 10K", scheduled from Sunday 25 October to Sunday 1 November, is born from the creativity of one of the greatest graphic designers of the contemporary age.

Milton Glaser, known all over the world for the famous “I Love New York” logo, but also for the posters designed for Bob Dylan and Aretha Franklin, had established an important professional relationships in Venice. He designed the colored-spotted lion for the 1980 Biennale and the Campanile that goes off like a rocket driven by confetti for the 2000 Carnival.

It was the communication agency DNA Italia that collaborates with Venicemarathon for many years to get in touch with the American artist and to ensure that he agreed to create the image of the Venicemarathon, which will remain one of his last works. Unfortunately, Glaser died in New York on June 26, on his 91st birthday.

The Covid and the artist's disappearance did not give the organizers the opportunity to make an official presentation of this important project; but the will of Venicemarathon now is to create a collectible T-shirts and medals, which will enter the history of the Venicemarathon and beyond, as the extraordinary nature of the character and the circumstance.

In addition to these two elements of great value, all participants will receive a rich "virtual bag", with the bib number, the certificate of participation at the end of the race and "virtual gadgets" from the sponsoring companies.
Athletes already registered for the “35th Venicemarathon” who do not postpone their registration by October 4th, will be automatically registered for the respective virtual races of this “Special Edition”. Those who do not want to participate to the virtual race will have the opportunity to postpone their registration for the 2021 edition or even for the 2022 edition for free. More details will be provided directly to the athletes in the coming days by the organization.
All runners who were already registered for the Marathon and who will opt for participation in the "Virtual Venicemarathon 42K" will also find in the virtual bag a discount voucher on 2021 registration of 25 euros. Those already enrolled in the 10k, on the other hand, will find a discount voucher of 10 euros on the 2021 registration.
Since yesterday afternoon, new registrations are open (40 euros for the 42k and 30 euros for the 10k) and there are already more than 200 new participants who have accepted the idea of ​​participating in a special edition anyway.

Finally, let us remind how the project of this "Special Edition" is structured. One athlete for the male category and one athlete for the female category will be drawn to run the “Venicemarathon One For All”  on Sunday, October 25 from Stra to Riva Sette Martiri (Venice). They will be accompanied by the law enforcement, a pacer team, a coloured caravan and a video troupe that will broadcast the event. The “Venicemarathon Virtual 42k & ​​10k” will also start at the same time (9am CEST on Sunday, October 25) and everyone can virtually run the Venicemarathon and accompany the two heroes to the finish line virtually. The distance has to be precise (42.195 meters or 10km) and participants have to run the distance in one go (and not in different stages). Registered athletes will have a week to run: from 9am CEST on Sunday, October 25 to midnight on Sunday, November 1.

The registration is simple: download the special app that the organizers. The App must be installed on your smartphone and will allow you to follow the athlete's "live tracking" even from home; it will also collect the race data and forward them to the system, which will automatically generate a ranking. On the other hand, those who do not like to run with their mobile phone can use their smartwatch and upload their performance (track with route and time result) directly on the application platform. More information will soon be communicated directly to the athletes.

Moreover, local athletes will have the possibility of running individually the “Virtual 10K” at the San Giuliano Park from 9am to 6pm CEST along a race course measured and officially certified by FIDAL and in addition they can await the 2 athletes who will cross the 30th kilometre of the “Venicemarathon One for All” respecting the Covid rules.

Furthermore, all registered athletes will have the opportunity to participate in the "Venicemarathon Virtual Photo & Video Contest". To participate, they can simply immortalize their race or be immortalized by friends and relatives and then post photos and videos on the social channels of Venicemarathon. The best will receive rich prizes which will be revealed shortly. The invitation is therefore to involve friends and families to make this adventure even more exciting.

The Venicemarathon “special edition” will be combined with the Charity Program, that will give the possibility of running for a good cause and it will have its first Virtual Expo Village, with the exhibiting area: an interactive meeting point for the sponsors and a meeting arena. On Saturday, October 24 a meeting with the Local Health Centre - ULSS 3 has been scheduled. At the meeting people will talk of the Covid effects in sports and about the restart of the sports events.

In addition, the Family Runs don’t stop. As soon as the school conditions allow students to join and run all together, in compliance with the Anti-Covid rules, the promotional running moments dedicated to students and families will be organized.