Julia Jones' tips to run the “Venicemarathon Virtual 42K&10K”

"The secret to run a virtual race is to create a "do-it-yourself" event, helped by friends, relatives and teammates, always in compliance with Covid regulations", said Julia Jones.
The pacers of the Venicemarathon Pacing Team will be available to the registered athletes, in the next weeks, to dispense useful advice.

Venice, 29 September 2020 - On Sunday 25 October, the “Venicemarathon Virtual 42K & 10K” will take place all over the world. Everyone will choose the most suitable race course and methods, thus choosing between the application provided by the organization to record time and kilometers, or using their smartwatch and then sending all the data to the system, in order to draw up the rankings.
Running alone is not always easy, especially if the goal is to run the first marathon of your life, but Venicemarathon will try to be close to all the athletes even at this time, in different ways. Let's see which ones:

Julia Jones's Tips
"The secret to run a virtual race well - suggests the journalist, writer and coordinator of the Venicemarathon Pacing Team Julia Jones - is to create a do-it-yourself event, trying to recreate the atmosphere as much as possible of the race and therefore to involve friends, relatives and teammates, always in compliance with Covid regulations, who can encourage the athlete, help him in the refreshment stations and maybe even along the course with bicycles or by organizing a sort of relay race, where they alternate to run beside him. The Venicemarathon Virtual 42K & 10K can be run from 9am on Sunday 25 October to midnight on Sunday 1 November, but my tip is to run it on the same date and time as the Venicemathon One For All, because it is important to feel part of a event and live it as such. I therefore invite everyone to find themselves behind their ideal starting line on Sunday 25 October at 9 am and with the imagination imagine being at the starting line of the Venice Marathon. "

The Pacers
The pacers of the Venicemarathon Pacing Team will continue to be virtually active, posting training tables, dispensing tips and encouraging the athletes to finish their preparation for the Venicemarathon Vitual 42K & 10K, all through the Venicemarathon Facebook page in the "Events" section . Some of them will also be selected to accompany the two "heroes" selected to run the Venice Marathon live, or the Venicemarathon One For All, from Stra to Riva Sette Martiri. Their role will be fundamental, given the absence of public and of other competitors.

Venicemarathon Virtual Photo & Video Contest and the “virtual kit” for fans
The photo shoot will not be missing, but this time the photos will be taken by the athletes themselves or by friends, family or training partners involved in the virtual race. Thanks to the “Venicemarathon Virtual Photo & Video Contest” everyone can immortalize themselves or be immortalized during the race, and then post their photos and videos on the Venicemarathon social channels. The most voted will receive rich prizes and each athlete will have the opportunity to download the “virtual kit” for their fans.

Important partners support the event such as: Banca Ifis, Hoka One One, BMW, Alì, Pro Action, 1/6 Sport, Corepla, Bavaria, San Benedetto, Nuncas, Veneto Region, Il Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport and Pmg Sport.