HOKA ONE ONE VENICEMARATHON ONE FOR ALL: a Venicemarathon for three!

The Italian ultra-marathoner Eleonora Corradini , the runner of the Venicemarathon Team Gabriel Gallo and the Paralympic  champion  Pier Alberto Buccoliero of the Alex Zanardi’s team “Obiettivo3” will be the protagonists of the HOKA ONE ONE Venicemarathon One For All. 

They will run on Sunday, October 25 from Stra to Venice, representing all the runners who would have liked to run the Venicemarathon this year.

This year the Venicemarathon, as already mentioned previously, will have a double identity. Due to the impossibility of organizing a mass event safely and to keep the tradition alive and give a sense of continuity, Venicemarathon has decided to create an event in the event : a distant race (virtual) of 42K or 10K open to all who will run from October 25 to November 1, and an exclusive race, in which the organizers have decided to select a single athlete for the men category, one for the female one and a testimonial of the Paralympic world , which on Sunday, October 25 will cross the cities of Stra , Fiesso d'Artico, Dolo and Mira, along the original route that reaches the heart of Venice, in Riva Sette Martiri , accompanied by the police, by a small group of pacers and a video crew who will document the experience live.

The idea immediately liked to the American company HOKA ONE ONE, world leader in running footwear, which give the name to the event. The two events are called: HOKA ONE ONE Venicemarathon One for All and HOKA ONE ONE Venicemarathon Virtual 42K & 10K.

The three athletes who will run a completely unusual Venicemarathon are: the Italian ultramarathon runner and champion of the 24-hour race Eleonora Corradini, the runner of the Venicemarathon Running Team Gabriele Gallo and the Paralympic champion Pier Alberto Buccoliero.

The Italian Wonder Woman Eleonora Corradini

Eleonora Corradini, born in Rome in 1991, is a woman who loves the real effort: “the more kilometers increase, the more I feel at ease”. She ran in Venice in 2017 with his father Fabio, the man who convinced her to hang her skates on the nail in 2015 and convinced her to start to run long distances.  "I have wonderful memory of the Venicemarathon, because it represented the milestone in my 50th career marathon ". The Wonder Woman of Italy,  renamed by the Venicemarathon staff, has raced from 2015 up till now 130 races, including marathons and ultra-marathons; in 2019 she ran for Italy at the World 24 hour-race, and last September 19-20 she became the Italian champion in the 24 hours, running 221.177 km: it is the fourth Italian performance ever! "I’m excited to return to Venice and run this specific event that will go down in history. I have not yet recovered from the great physical and mental fatigue of the 24 hours, but by October 25th I will be good. The initiative excites me because racing in this special condition, along a unique course in the world, will be truly special. I've done many strange things, but this is really all to be discovered" Eleonora Corradini is part of the team HOKA ONE ONE .

The ninth Venicemarathon for Gabriele Gallo

Gabriele Gallo, Venetian born in 1979 and cardholder for nine following years of the Venicemarathon Running Team, loves fatigue as Eleonora. On the other hand, Gallo runs in the mountains: "I like to run long trail from 40 to 80 km and I also ran ultra-marathons from 100 -120 km always in the mountains".

On the road, from 2012 up till now, Gallo has always and only raced the Venicemarathon, with a personal best on the distance of 2h46' in 2016. It will therefore be the ninth Venicemarathon for him.

I am really happy to be part of this project and I feel very lucky. I think it's a nice initiative, it shows that even when you cannot organize mass events, you can keep alive the spirit of an event so important".

The champion and coach of Obiettivo 3 Pier Alberto Buccoliero

Even for Pier Alberto Buccoliero, Paralympic champion and member of Obiettivo 3, the Venicemarathon is the race of his heart. "When the project Obiettivo 3 was born in 2017, we have always been at the Expo Village of Venicemarathon and Alex Zanardi has always supported us to run it for the charm and the spectacular nature of its course. Last year I followed his tip and I ran in hand bike and there are no words to describe the magic of his track. I am very honored to run on Sunday 25 October in the name of all the Paralympic athletes, in the name of Obiettivo 3, and obviously in the name of Alex Zanardi ".

Pier Alberto Buccoliero, was born in 1987, he is an eclectic athlete. After being the victim of a bad accident that made him paraplegic while he was a cadet of the Naval Academy, he immediately started his sport career, at first with the Paralympic rowing, then with the paracanoe in 2012, where he won 2 world titles, 1 continental title and 26 Italian titles and then arrived in 2016 , at the paratriathlon in which he already won a silver and bronze medal in the world cup and for which he now covers the role of coach in Objective 3.