Running and first warmth of spring

The body can adapt to anything, from physical exertion to climate…on his own time.

Running in the heat is initially difficult, the organism needs time to get used and adapting the running rhythm. The average time foe the heat adaptation is 14 days: at the beginning you will sweat a lot, then less until the balance point, when you will be ready for quality workouts.

Sweating means losing water, sodium, magnesium and potassium, electrolytes that must be reintegrated at the end of the training, with a balanced saline solution: the advice is to drink about 500/1000ml after the running session.

The simplest method to calculate the amount of water lost is to weight yourself before running and immediately after, the difference between pre and post is the amount of water lost.

The management of hydration during training needs more organization, search for routes with fountains or run with the bottle holder could help to drink during more than 10 km runs, considering intervals that are similar to the race.

Among all the minerals that are lost with sweating sodium is the one that is lost in greater quantity and is the most important to be reintegrated as it regulates numerous functions of the organism, it could be reintegrated with recovery mix immediately after training and trough normal nutrition, for example adding table salt to dishes.

Doc. Annalisa Faè