The pre-race lunch

In a race that takes place at night like the Venice Night Trail on August 28, when we talk about pre-race meal we certainly refer to lunch, but also to the afternoon snack. These must be well thought out and adequate, in order to guarantee the body the right energies at the right times, without feeling hungry during the day, an aspect that, added to the pre-competition tension, could lead the athlete to get caught by sudden attacks of nervous hunger and therefore to stumble into counterproductive food errors.

Lunch must necessarily include abundant carbohydrates, because in the following hours you will need immediately available energy, in order to avoid early fatigue and use by the body of muscles or fat reserves as a source of energy, which are more difficult to use. Rice is highly recommended, in abundance, voluminous and well digestible, or even pasta, preferably short and not wholemeal. It is best not to accompany carbohydrates with heavy sauces and dressings or vegetables that provide fiber.

To complete the good supply of energy it is possible to have a snack, in the middle of the afternoon or in any case three hours before the competition, with a sandwich accompanied by lean, light and satiating sliced, or with oily dried fruit, rich in antioxidant principles and good fats. Attention to the portions of course: it is still a snack, and not an additional load that can involve, in an important way, the digestive processes.

If, on the other hand, you want to support your energies at a time closer to the race, it is recommended to take a bar one hour before, which is energetic and non-protein. The protein-based bar is to be dedicated to the post-race, where you certainly have more time for digestion and where you need support for recovery.