How to start the race in the best way?

Just over a month left to the race of the year, the Venicemarathon. It is the right time to test the integration strategies in our workouts to get better prepared for the appointment.

Today we focus on the pre-race, how can we start our race with the necessary charge? What could be the right supplement for us?
ProAction, thanks to collaborations with international athletes, offers a product that has always received a lot of positive feedback among runners, the Pre Start Shot.

Why and what is it about?
PRE START SHOT is a food supplement in a shot-liquid form based on arginine, ornithine, ginseng and guarana.

This, taken in the 10-15 minutes preceding the activity, is an excellent way to start with the right energy without overloading the digestive processes.
Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that stimulates vasodilation through the production of nitric oxide and guarantees an effective positive effect on sports performance. In association with ornithine it has a synergistic effect, resulting in a decrease in the sense of fatigue.

In the same product we also find ginseng and guarana extracts, which can count on a long tradition of the point of view of their use; it is in fact known how these plants are able to exert an excellent tonic and ergogenic effect, which is positively reflected in the early stages of sports performance; once taken, by stimulating the central nervous system, the levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline increase, thus increasing reaction times, attention and ability to concentrate, reducing sleep and fatigue.

The Pre Start Shot can be taken either before the marathon or before the 10km.
Therefore? All that remains is to try the product and test its benefits during training.