Integration before and during the race

In preparing our marathon we have to focus particularly on the pre-race and on the during.

What do we need to keep in mind? Before the race it is essential to manage and refine the energy reserves with slow-absorbing carbohydrates. While during the race it is essential to maintain constant energy levels.

Therefore, especially before a competition, it is very important to plan your nutrition, in order to support the important demands that the athlete will have to face during the effort.

A couple of hours before the performance it is not necessary to take who knows what nutrients and substances but not even to be completely fasting: "breaking" hunger is a correct strategy, which must be treated and calibrated.

Which energy snack to focus on to have a good supply of fuel ready without weighing down your digestion too much?

FRUIT BAR, an excellent bar as a snack before the race, is a great option to provide energy both before and during the performance.

This energy bar is made up of more than 40% real fruit, with a blend of slow and fast absorption low glycemic index carbohydrates and non-hydrogenated vegetable fats. It has no cover, which is why it is not affected by the hottest temperatures.
When to take it?
• Can be consumed 90 minutes before the race
• During, in the most challenging moments of the competition.