Mineral salts: why they are important and when to use them

What cannot be missing in the sports integration of a runner? Without a doubt the mineral salts, let's find out why.

We hear a lot about mineral salts; in the panorama of supplements they are among the most recommended and used products, even if they are sought after much more during the hot season. It should be noted that not all mineral salts are the same, each one has its own characteristic and the moment of intake is not accidental, especially when it comes to sports performance.

In general, it can be said that they are indicated in a situation that involves a significant loss of essential elements for the proper functioning of the body, as certainly happens during prolonged and high-intensity physical activity.

For this reason, if this occurs, it is important to replenish magnesium, potassium and sodium in particular to maintain a correct electrolyte balance.
From the Proaction world we offer our Mineral Plus, a saline product designed for a complete reintegration of liquids and salts lost during and after physical exertion with sweating. The formulation also contains vitamin C, dextrose and maltodextrin for an immediate and gradual energy recovery. Their formulation also allows to prevent the onset of cramps which in running are often due to dehydration and mineral deficiency.
We recommend using Mineral Plus, in isotonic solution, starting one hour after the start of physical activity. The same product, if the physiological needs require it, can be taken after the performance.