Recovery is a process that is often overlooked or underestimated but instead it is essential for the body to regenerate after an athletic performance.
It includes several phases, including adequate hours of rest and unloading, cool-down exercises to stretch the muscles and relieve tension, and certainly complete and balanced nutrition.
Practicing it correctly will not only lead to the restoration of different physiological systems and metabolic processes, but will allow you to better face the next test.
Depending on the type of training or competition faced, and the individual variability, recovery can take place more or less quickly; it can take place actively or passively and can be supported thanks to the use of specific supplements.

Amino Essential is an ideal product for this precious phase; contains essential amino acids, useful in energy recovery, in the process of muscle repair and protein building, and Recormax, a blend of dry pomegranate extracts, with antioxidant and supportive activity in counteracting oxidative stress, a condition present in those who practice sports intense, and rhodiola, with a tonic effect, useful for supporting physical and mental fatigue.

Proaction recommends taking Amino Essential at 1-2 sachets per day at the end of the activity, dissolved in water or, better yet, in a fruit juice.
Happy recovery everyone!