Venicemarathon Pacing Team: here are the 55 "Guardian Angels" that will help athletes to respect the pace and safety rules during the 35th Venicemarathon
Venice, September 1, 2021 - In preparation to the 35th Venicemarathon & 10K, which will take place in Venice on October 24, an important role is, as always, played by the pacers whose task is carried out not only on the day of the race, but above all in the previous months, through continuous interaction with members and the sharing of tips and tables on the social channels of the Venicemarathon.

Furthermore, this year, considering the anti-Covid regulations and the related FIDAL protocols, the pacer's task takes on an even more important value, since its function becomes twofold during the race: on the one hand, as always, helping athletes to cross the finish line. in the desired times, cadencing the pace and motivating them in times of difficulty; on the other hand, to enforce interpersonal distancing and all the regulations that the protocols provide.

The UYN and HOKA brands will provide the necessary clothing (technical uniform and shoes) to the squadron of 55 pacers who will represent the Venicemarathon Pacing Team: 41 in the marathon and 14 in the 10K.

In addition to the consolidated group of expert pacers led by Julia Jones, the team will be composed and coordinated by the Venicemarathon Running Team and by "Quelli del Martedì" a group of runners so nicknamed for the collective training they perform every Tuesday evening (for over 7 years) at the San Giuliano Park in Mestre and who, already during the Moonlight Half Marathon at the end of June, were able to better manage this new situation.

The time slots that will be covered are as follows: 3h00', 3h10', 3h20', 3h30', 3h40', 3h50', 4h00', 4h15', 4h30', 4h45', 5h00', 6h00'. In 10K, they will be: 40'; 45 '; 50'; 55' and 60'.

In the marathon, the fastest "hare" who will accompany the athletes to the finish line within 3 hours is Gabriele Gallo, standard bearer of the Venicemararthon Running Team, who this year will run his 11th Venice Marathon, while the so-called "broom service" will be as always guaranteed by the Apulian athlete Mariella di Leo, also a pacer with great experience, who will be accompanied by Domenico Masiero and Fabio Pustetto.

The other members of the Venicemarathon Pacing Team are: Cristiano Girotto, Valerio Girotto, Gabriele Arcaro, Marco Turri, Paolo Donà, Dimitri Peron, Roberto Vio, Paolo Rossato, Marco Tricarico, Matteo Esquinazy, Massimo Preziosa, Fabio Simonato, Fabio Basei, Nicola Caiati , Alessandro Pizzi, Laura Pieretti, Ermes Capovilla, Marco Cinquantini, Giovanni Frumento, Alessandra Derme, Giuseppe Bossi, Emanuele Saiu, Marco Mannucci, Stefano Gorgosalice, Mariangela Curini, Luca Zorzi, Piertommaso Carraro, Alessio Rizzato, Francesca Sanna, Giovanni Demarco, Daniela Schiavon, Alvise Callegaro, Francesca Spinsanti, Detlef Blaesse, Andrea Leita, Astrid Gagliardi and Ilaria Razzolini.

In 10K, the "time trial angels" will be: Falotico Vincenzo, Andrea Armellin, Erika Michielan, Riccardo Astolfi, Stefano Pizzolato, Rosanna Zecchin, Pizzato Pierluigi, Caccin Emanuela, Moira Lorenzon, Lion Tiziano, Nicola Rosso, Carlo Casali, Stefano Simonato and Silvio Dus.

In the next few days, the Venicemarathon Facebook page will start hosting the #VenicemarathonPacingTeam column, in which the 55 pacers, divided by time bands, will start talking to users, providing technical advice to better prepare the marathon.

Sponsors of Venicemarathon: UYN, HOKA, BMW, Banca Ifis, Alì, San Benedetto, Pro Action, 1 / 6H Sport, Nuncas, Bavaria, Palmisano, Corepla,, Coldiretti, APVinvestimenti and media partners: Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport, Running, Sport Economy and PMG Sport.