Venicemarathon Charity Program: when running becomes a gesture of heart and charity!
The 35th Venicemarathon & 10K also this year launches an important fundraising initiative which, in a few hours after opening, has already raised 4,500 euros.
In the meantime, registrations for the marathon and 10K on 24 October continue, an event included in the calendar of celebrations for the 1600th anniversary of the Venice Foundation.

Venice, 8 September 2021 - For years now, the Venice Marathon has become an important event for solidarity too! Dozens of non-profit associations and non-profit organizations take the opportunity of this prestigious international stage to raise awareness of athletes and the public and raise useful funds for important causes and projects. This is the essence of the Venicemarathon Charity Program, a fundraising initiative promoted, for the seventh year, together with the crowdfunding platform Rete del Dono and thanks to which a total of over € 1,000,000 was raised.

So the Charity Program linked to the 35th edition of the Venice marathon is underway, which in a few hours from the opening has already raised 4,500 euros. The collection mechanism is very simple and is based on the principle of personal foundraising, where runners become ambassadors of a solidarity project and take action to raise funds among friends and relatives. Donations are free and anyone can choose to support the project they prefer.

Also this year the projects presented are very interesting and of a different nature. There are some of international scope, such as the construction of water wells in Uganda promoted by Africa Mission - Cooperation and Development and the global fight against polio in Rotary 2060.

Others of a national nature linked to the prevention and research of breast cancer such as the AIRC Foundation, the inclusion in the educational-sports path of over 400 young athletes most in need in the cities of Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Bergamo and Trento promoted by Sport Senza Frontiere onlus, in research in the field of biology, regenerative medicine and stem cells with the TES Foundation, for the support of carriers of BRCA genetic mutations with aBRCAdaBRA Onlus or to promote Narrative Medicine courses for staff working within Rsa with RacconTiamo con Francesca.

And, finally, the even more territorial projects, connected to local realities such as: the purchase of instruments and equipment for pediatric nephrology in Padua (Salus Pueri Foundation), economic support for Venetian women victims of violence (Iside Cooperativa Sociale), support research into eye diseases (Fondazione Banca degli Occhi del Veneto onlus), equip the library of the Male Prison of Venice with new books (Il Granello di Senape), help research on pediatric diseases (Città della Speranza) , support the school (AIDO) and support young bone marrow donors (Admo Venezia).

Helping others through a gesture of solidarity is, therefore, one more reason to run the 35th Venicemarathon & 10K, which this year will be an even more special event because it is included in the program of events for the celebrations of the 1600 years since the foundation of Venice.

Sponsors of Venicemarathon: UYN, HOKA, BMW, Banca Ifis, Alì, San Benedetto, Pro Action, 1 / 6H Sport, Nuncas, Bavaria, Palmisano, Corepla,, Coldiretti, APVinvestimenti and media partners: Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport, Running, Sport Economy and PMG Sport.