3000 students have turned on the Ali Family Run of the San Giuliano Park in Mestre!

In the 4 stages, the Ali Family Run tour involved 11,000 people

Venice 23 October 2021 - This morning at the San Giuliano Park in Mestre, an Alì Family Run with great numbers and very strong enthusiasm took place once again. A beautiful morning of sport and an eve of the Venice Marathon which will take place tomorrow, partly also along these avenues, experienced by 3000 students, professors but also many parents with strollers, pets and many colored balloons, in short, a large and cheerful party, with a warm autumn sun that highlighted the autumn colors of the park and the smiling faces of the participants.

The welcome to the participants was given by the municipal councilor Barbara Casarin: "After all we have been through in the last two years, seeing so many young people here today is truly a source of strong emotion, of great happiness and shows how sport is able to to unite people ". Even the Paralympic athlete Giusy Versace gave his greetings to the athletes: "Finally we are all back to running in the presence, for passion and solidarity and this makes me really happy. The Family Runs, as well as the marathon, are events that have solidarity at heart and tomorrow there will be many young people who will run in favor of the non-profit organizations belonging to the Charity Program. and I will be at the finish line and you will all be entitled to it ".

The finish, in the sprint, was cut first by Davide Camuffo, 15 and a student of the 'Luigi Stefanini' high school, closely followed by Guglielmo Marafatto, 13, and Edoardo Maurizio, 18. In the women's field, the fastest was the Athletics Riviera del Brenta athlete Maddalena Loparco, followed by her teammate Jessica Martin, while the eighteen year old Carolina Ceriani and Elena Armellin, 8 years old, arrived hand in hand in third place.

This year the podium of the 'largest school' is made up of 3 Venetian institutes. The Alì Trophy was won by the 'Benedetti-Tommaseo' State Higher Education Institute which enrolled 388 students, followed by the 'F. Algarotti 'with 287 and from the' Vendramin-Corner 'with 231. Other institutes also participated in the event such as: "Adele Zara" of Mira, "Cesco Baseggio" of Malcontenta and Marghera, while students belonging to the Santa Caterina School arrived from Mestre From Siena, to the Comprehensive Institute Viale San Marco - Leopardi School, “San Gioacchino”, “Terraglio” sports center.

The four winning schools of each stage of the Alì Family Runs will receive free tickets for students, and reduced tickets for their companions, to visit the M9, the Museo del Novecento.

"What took place this morning is the fourth and final stage of the Alì Family Run tour, an important solidarity and sports promotion project, which lasted a month, which involved an entire territory and made 11,000 students and families run. the administrations of San Donà di Piave, Chioggia, Dolo, the Riviera del Brenta and Venice, as well as all the sponsors and partners who supported us and the Rotary Ditreatto 2060 which again this year has embraced the initiative - so the General Manager Lorenzo Cortesi during the awards ceremony.

Alessio Ranallo, HOKA's marketing and communication manager, was also happy to have been a partner of the entire tour: "Such a large participation in youth sports was not taken for granted, especially after this difficult period. Sport is not only good for the body, but forges qualities that will be useful in the future, when these young people enter the world of work. I notice it within my company: those who have played sports maintain a sporting attitude even at work, respecting that values ​​of fair play, tenacity and sharing that govern sport ".

Matteo Canella, Head of General Affairs of Alì SpA, was not present today, but he still wanted to communicate his satisfaction with the completion of the tour: "The Alì Family Runs have made beginners, amateurs, students and families return to running, united by the desire to be together in the open air, while respecting safety distances. We are happy to have been, for the sixth consecutive year, supporters of this project which embodies our values ​​".

The event also served to raise awareness among young people and public opinion on the very important global battle that Rotary is waging in the fight against polio. The words “End Polio Now” were written on the t-shirts worn by the participants.

This concludes the Ali Family Run tour, which touched the stages of San Donà di Piave, Chioggia, Dolo-Riviera del Brenta and Mestre involving over 11,000 people.

The Alì Family Run are events organized by Venicemararhon with the support of important realities such as: Supermarkets Alì, Corepla, HOKA, AquaVitamin, BMW, Banca Ifis, M9, Dolci Palmisano, 1/6H Sport, RDS 100% Grandi Successi, Il Gazzettino, Port of Venice, TDS, Pink FIt, Elettromeccanica Viotto SRL and ATVO.

The Alì Family Run project enjoys the patronage and support of: the Veneto Region, the Metropolitan City of Venice, the Municipality of Venice, the Municipality of Dolo. Municipality of Stra, Municipality of Fiesso d'Artico, Municipality of Mira, City of Chioggia, Ingeborg Gross, Rotary District 2060, Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea, Zero Waste Blue, Institution Woods and Large Parks, Chamber of Commerce of Venice and Rovigo, Coni Veneto, Fidal Provincial Committee of Venice, OPES Italy, ASD Marathon Cavalli Marini Chioggia, Unione Clodiense, Atletica Mirafiori, Bunker Sport, Dolesi Runners, Duali Running Team of Dolo.