The 'Venicemarathon Black Friday' arrives on Friday, November 26

With the official opening of registrations for all the events organized by Venicemarathon, there are also exceptional discounts on registrations, valid from 00.00 to 23.59 on Friday 26 November.

Unmissable 50% discount on registration for the 36th Venicemarathon.

At Venicemarathon it is time for Black Friday. For the fourth consecutive year (obviously excluding 2020), the organizers of the Venice Marathon adhere to the "black Friday" of shopping, scheduled this year on Friday 26 November, thus offering runners unique and unrepeatable opportunities.

But November 26 will be, more than anything else, the 'Venicemarathon Friday', that is the day on which registrations will officially open for the 6th Venice Night Trail, the 11th Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon and the 36th Venicemarathon and exceptional promotions will be launched at the same time. registration fees, which will be valid from 00.00 to 23.59 of the same day. For those who will be at the EXPO of the Florence Marathon, the offer will also be valid on Saturday, subject to exhaustion of available places.

Let's see in detail what the Venicemarathon Black Friday consists of:

36th Venicemarathon (Venice, 23 October 2022) - 50% discount, 2,000 places available using the promo code BF2021VM42K;
VM10K - 50% discount, 500 places available using the promo code BF2021VM10K.

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11th Jesolo Moonlight HalfMarathon (Jesolo, 21 May 2022): special price 20 euro, 1,000 places available using the promo code BF2021MHM21K;
Jesolo 10K: special price 15 euro, 500 places available using the promo code BF2021MHM10K.

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6th Venice Night Trail (Venice, 9 April 2022): special price 25 euro, 300 places availableusing the promo code BF2021VNT.
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