Venicemarathon news: UYN becomes title sponsor of the event!

The Italian brand UYN, already technical sponsor of the Venice Marathon since 2018, will be this year title sponsor of the 36th edition scheduled for Sunday 23 October.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022 - The sponsorship agreement between Venice Marathon and the Italian functional clothing brand UYN® - Unleash Your Nature, technical sponsor of the event since 2018, which for 2022 also acquires the title, enriches and became "title & technical sponsor" of the event.
This partnership that is further strengthened, by virtue of a sharing of common intentions and values, such as high quality standards, technological innovation, respect for the environment and a great passion for running at all levels. Also this year all runners will find in the race pack a very high quality and great value technical T-shirt that will be presented in the next weeks.
"Venicemarathon has always been characterized in its almost 40 years of history by a constant commitment to innovation and excellence - underlines the president Piero Rosa Salva - Values ​​that, since the first contacts, we have found in UYN. The harmony was immediate and fruitful and we appreciated the proposal of the president Marco Redini to strengthen the already fruitful collaboration this year. I am sure that this important agreement will produce important promotional and operational potential. "
“With the successes of the previous editions, the result of the extraordinary organizational quality of the president Piero Rosa Salva and his team, it was almost natural that the relationship between UYN and Venicemarathon entered a new phase. As an Italian brand, we are proud to increase our commitment and place our name alongside a one-of-a-kind event, which makes the beauty of Italy known throughout the world. The decision to become Title Sponsor of the 36th Venicemarathon reflects the desire to establish ourselves more and more in the running sector through the quality of our products ”- these are the words of UYN CEO Marco Redini.

The flow of registrations is very positive and numerous are arriving, with a recovery also of foreign runners after the difficult period of the Covid19 pandemic. Right now, over 4000 people have registered for the event.

There are eight months left to the start of the 36th UYN Venicemarathon, but there are already many companies and brands that have confirmed their willingness to continue their path alongside Venicemarathon. This is the case of the American company HOKA which for the third consecutive year will be the "official shoe" of the Venicemarathon; of Pro Action, the company that deals with the formulation and marketing of supplements for sportsmen, alongside Venicemarathon since 2017 and which has already confirmed its commitment for the next three years as well as Alì, the important Paduan company of large-scale distribution which since 2016 has been promoting the “Alì Family Run” project together with Venicemarathon and which will continue for the next three years. And then, San Benedetto, 1 / 6H Sport, Palmisano and the media partners: Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport, Correre, Sport Economy and IL Gazzettino.