The group of the 200 pacers of the 36th UYN Venicemarathon 42K-21K10
Their goal, on Sunday 23 October, will be to help the athletes of the marathon, half marathon and 10K to cross the finish line of Riva Sette Martiri with a smile.
The names of the ultra marathon runner Angela Gargano, the British endurance champion Adam 'Tango' Holland, and the visually impaired pacer Chiara Pandolfi stand out.
There are 44 foreign pacers.

Venice, 7 September 2022 - In the approach path to the 36th Venicemarathon 42k-21K-10K on 23 October, as always, an important role is played by the pacers, whose task is carried out not only on the day of the race, but also in the months previous, through the interaction with the members and the sharing of advice and suggestions on the social channels of the Venice Marathon.
This year 'UYN Pacing Team' has grown considerably in numbers and internationally, thanks to an accurate selection process in Italy and abroad which has led the organizers, with the support of UYN and HOKA, to set up a team of over 200 athletes, divided into the three races.
There will be 144 'time trial angels' in the marathon alone, including 44 foreigners from South Africa and Hong Kong, as well as from all over Europe. People who enthusiastically accepted the invitation to become Venicemarathon 'ambassador' in the world and put themselves at the service of one of the most fascinating international marathons.
Many of them are well known in the world because they are authors of great companies such as Angela Gargano, the Apulian ultramarathon runner who in 2002 managed to complete 100 marathons in a single year, an undertaking by Guinness World Records, and who in 2010 set the record Italian of the 6-day race (562.330 km), while in 2020 she was the first Italian to reach the finish line of 1,000 races (696 marathons and 304 ultramarathons). Or like the British endurance champion Adam Holland, known as 'Tango', interpreter of various companies especially in endurance races and who boasts 445 races concluded between marathons and ultramarathons. And then well-known faces such as Marco Mannucci, Domenico Masiero and Alessandra Derme, who in addition to being an excellent pacer is also a strong ultratriathlete.
For the first time, this year the 2h50 'slot has also been included in the marathon and the four pacers selected to reach the finish line under the 3-hour wall are Leonardo De Toni, Giuseppe Minici and the Spaniards, Jaime Gutierrez and Marc Giron.
But the members of the 'UYN Pacing Team' were selected not only from a technical, but also from a human point of view. In fact, beautiful stories emerge, such as that of the visually impaired pacer Chiara Pandolfi, a 42-year-old marathon runner from Bergamo who, thanks to the guide and friend Ilaria Razzolini, a long-time Florentine pacemaker, has been participating in many marathons for over 10 years in the role of pacer. In Venice Chiara and Ilaria will be in the 5-hour group and their presence will represent a beautiful message for everyone.
And then there are the 'historians' of the Venice Marathon such as the twins Valerio and Cristiano Girotto, Manuel Perin, the couple Silvio Dus and Astrid Gagliardi who met and fell in love during an edition of the Venicemarathon, the stainless Francesca Spinsanti, Francesca Sanna, Daniela Schiavon and the ultramarathon runner from Barletta Mariella di Leo, pacer of great experience and historical presence at the Venicemarathon, who with her charisma this year managed to bring as many as 100 women from all over Italy to run the '100km del Passatore', waving the flag of Ukraine.
The pacer service will also be guaranteed in 21K and 10K races thanks to the collaboration with the Venicemarathon Running Team and the entire team will be dressed by the UYN and HOKA brands.
The task of the pacers will be to help the competitors to better enjoy the experience of the race, setting their pace, motivating them in times of difficulty, but also encouraging competitors to respect the rules and the environmental context in which the event takes place.
The complete list of pacers, their faces and the breakdown into the different time slots are available on the Venicemarathon Facebook page, while the videos with their advice on how to tackle the race are also available on Instagram.
They are sponsors of the 36th UYN Venicemarathon: UYN, HOKA, Alì, Banca Ifis, BMW Ceccato Motors, Pro Action, San Benedetto, Dole, 1 / 6H Sport, Palmisano, Master Aid, Bavaria, M9, Port Authority of the Adriatic Sea Northern Ports of Venice and Chioggia, APVInvestimenti, Veritas, Shokz, TDS, Fairbnb and media partners: Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport, Correre, Sport Economy and Il Gazzettino.