36th UYN Venicemarathon, see you on Sunday 22nd October 2023!

The record-breaking edition is closed and the 'Venicemarathon month' which involved 32,000 people comes to an end.
80,000 euros raised by the Charity Program
Soon the opening of registrations for all the races of 2023

Venice, 24 October 2022 - It's time to take stock at the Venicemarathon and, never like this year, the satisfactions are manifold. The 36th edition marks the overcoming of the period characterized by the pandemic, but above all projects the event towards new scenarios. The confirmation of the success of the new half marathon, the new marathon record in the men's field, the large numbers achieved and the strong return of foreign athletes bring Venicemarathon back to being one of the most important and fascinating events of the autumn.
Never so many and never so fast in Venice, therefore, since that distant 1986, the year in which Venice hosted one of the first marathons in Italy. But the size of an event is also calculated in terms of the wealth that falls on the territory and generates in favor of solidarity.
"We archive a memorable edition which, together with the other events organized during the year, clearly made us perceive the sporting, economic and social value that our organization represents in the area and for this reason we feel very responsible also for the future" - these are the words of the president of Venicemarathon Piero Rosa Salva.
"In the coming months - explains the coordinator Lorenzo Cortesi - we will commission an ad hoc study to calculate the effective economic impact on the territory produced by the over 4,500 registered foreign athletes and by the many runners from outside the region. I am sure that we will exceed the 10 million euros produced in the latest editions. We go back to the pre-Covid era also in terms of marketing, with companies that have finally returned to investing in sport and running. This year we had very prestigious brands at our side, which believed in and embraced all our projects with enthusiasm and for this I thank the team of sponsors and partners who have allowed us to successfully cross the finish line of Riva Sette Martiri".
In the field of solidarity, the Charity Program has already reached the extraordinary sum of 80,000 euros collected, but there will be time until the end of the year to donate and help all the associations involved.
The television images went around the world yesterday. More than 3 hours of live broadcasts were broadcast in China, Israel and New Zealand, while the 3-minute highlights were distributed by Eurovision in over 90 countries. In Italy, the race was broadcast live by Raisport and had excellent audience ratings, with truly spectacular images especially from above, and commentary by journalists Luca Di Bella and Orlando Pizzolato, a great former marathon runner.
The 36th UYN was also a marathon of numbers. 500 Civil Protection volunteers Coordinated by the Metropolitan City, 10,000 meters of barriers, over 2,000 volunteers guarding intersections and refreshment points and located in the various services.
More than 17,000 UYN® shirts were distributed, 20,000 shirts made by HOKA for the 4 Alì Family Runs. Refreshments and race packs: 100,000 bottles of Acqua San Benedetto, 30,000 ProAction products, 30,000 cans of Bavaria beer, 15,000 Alì bags for the final refreshment, 45,000 Palmisano biscuits, 15,000 bananas and 15,000 Dole oranges, 20,000 Coldiretti Venice apples and 45,000 Morato mini scrikkis Bread. For the transport of the bags, 14 trucks of Transportservice, 2 motor pontoons of the Boscolo Bielo Ivano company, 14 boats of Brussa Trasporti were used.
Yesterday also closes the 'Venicemarathon month' full of side events, which have monopolized the media and sporting attention of the entire metropolitan area of ​​Venice, but above all have involved entire generations and many students. The long celebration began last September 25 with the 1st Venice Lido Beach Trail which ran on the beach of the Venice Lido, and then continued with the five stages of the Alì Family Run (Portogruaro, Chioggia, San Donà del Piave, Dolo -Riviera del Brenta and Mestre), which involved 17,000 people who ran in favor of Giusy Versace's 'Disabili No Limits' association and to say stop to polio.
The "Marathon runner's Mass", promoted by Athletica Vaticana, was also well attended. Many were the faithful marathon runners who took part on Saturday evening in the liturgical celebration which took place in the church of San Salvador in Venice, in which the blessing of the marathon runner was imparted, translated into many foreign languages.
Happy ending also for Richard Mengich, the Kenyan athlete who finished fifth in the marathon and who collapsed to the ground immediately after the finish line. Promptly rescued by the first aid team of the Green Cross, the athlete was immediately transported to the San Giovanni e Paolo civil hospital