37th Wizz Air Venicemarathon Charity Program – solidarity runs fast!

The number of associations involved in the solidarity program linked to the Venice Marathon 2023 is growing and 20,000 euros have already been raised.

Registrations for the three races on 22 October are flying: the 12,000 total entries have been exceeded and there are still less than 200 bibs available in the 10K, before the change of quota

Venice, 30 August 2023 - The solidarity marathon of the Wizz Air Venicemarathon Charity Program 2023 has started at a brisk pace, which this year involves as many as 22 non-profit associations, who have seized the opportunity of a prestigious international stage like the one of the 37th Wizz Venicemarathon 42K-21K-10K on October 22nd to make themselves known and promote their important solidarity projects.

The 'Linfa' association, committed for over 10 years to supporting scientific research for the treatment of rare diseases such as neurofibromatosis and Schwannomatosis, is already running fast. In his first participation in the Venicemarathon Charity Program, Linfa has already obtained 116 donations, equal to 6,000 euros.

The 'Banca degli Occhi del Veneto Foundation' is no less, which this year will celebrate 10 years of the "Run for your sight" project (treatment of rare diseases linked to sight) and which has already raised a good 4,089 euros, through 65 donations.

Fundraising objective already achieved (3,000 euros) for the association 'Raccontiamo con Francesca' which deals with narrative medicine aimed at people who are going through paths of illness, while the association 'Acli Coop', committed to supporting the life path of people with disabilities, is already halfway there with 73 donations received and 2,643 euros collected out of the 5,000 set.

All these associations, in addition to raising funds through the Rete del Dono platform, will organize groups of athletes who will have fun running the VM10K on Sunday 22 October, while making people aware of the various projects.

In the meantime, registrations for the three races (42K, 21K, 10K) are also running fast, which, overall, have already exceeded 12,000 registered, with the 21K already sold out for several months. In the 10K there are less than 200 bibs left before the change of odds and just over 2,000 when sold out.


Complete list of Charity Program associations and their projects:

Aclicoop – create moments of socialization, sport, work and autonomy for people with disabilities - goal of €5,000;

Admo – increase the typing rate of potential bone marrow donors - o.d.r. €3,200;

Africa Mission - rehabilitate 5 drinking water wells in Uganda - o.d.r. €10,000;

Aido - help the school - o.d.r. €5,000;

Airc – funding scientific research on breast cancer – o.d.r. €10,000;

fund. Eye Bank – free eye exams for patients with rare diseases – o.d.r: €10,000;

fund. Città della Speranza - support the research of rare diseases affecting children - o.d.r. €30,000;

Young Lions Foundation - the first experimental project in the world to investigate the effectiveness of the Feldenkrais® method in the early rehabilitation of children with infantile cerebral palsy - o.d.r. €400,000;

Salus Pueri Foundation - Improving the spaces of the pediatrics of the Padua University Hospital, to create a 'Child-friendly hospital' - o.d.r. €7,000;

Gaslinsieme - support scientific research, structural, technological and digital improvement of the Gaslini Institute - o.d.r. €15,000;

Iside Social Cooperative – helping boys and girls orphaned by feminicide – o.d.r. €3,000;

Linfa Odv – complete biological analysis of tumor samples of patients affected by neurofibromatosis (nf) and schwannomatosis – o.d.r. €15,000;

Lilt - buy a minibus with platform for the transport of cancer patients with disabilities - o.d.r. €5,000;

Lions Riviera del Brenta - investing in the 'After Us' and in disability with the AutLab project - o.d.r. €3,000;

Little Points - supporting the work of a young bioengineer in the prevention of melanoma - o.d.r. €3,000;

Let's talk with Francesca – promoting free Narrative Medicine meetings for sick people - o.d.r: €3,000;

Rotary District 2060 – eliminate polio globally, just missing Pakistan and Afghanistan - o.d.r. €30,000;

Red Carpet for All - expanding the educational and cultural offer for young adults with disabilities - o.d.r. €5,000;

Sport Without Borders - promoting the social inclusion, through sport, of children and young people living in conditions of socio-economic hardship - o.d.r. €1,500;

Uici - purchase of new machinery for the prevention of eye diseases - o.d.r. €20,000;

The Br.a.ve and Granello di Senape associations are about to open their fundraising pages.


In the 2022 edition, the Charity Program raised the extraordinary amount of 120,861 euros, of which €91,661 through the crowdfunding system promoted on the Rete del Dono platform and 29,200 euros collected during the five stages of the Alì Family Run, the races 

homotionals dedicated to the world of school, which every year mark the path leading up to the Venice Marathon.

Sponsors of the 37th Wizz Air Venicemarathon: Wizz Air, Compressport, Craft, Alì, Honda, Banco BPM, Pro Action, San Benedetto, Bavaria, Diabasi, Master Aid, Massigen, Dole, Morato Pane, Consorzio Tutela Prosecco DOC, Palmisano, 1/6H Sport, 3B Meteo, Rio Mare, Apv Investimenti, Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea Ports of Venice and Chioggia, Tronchetto Parking and the media partners Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport and SportEconomy.