The five Alì Family Runs are at the starting line!

The five non-competitive races linked to the world of school are starting, which will involve the entire Venetian territory with the aim of having 20,000 people including students and families run. It will be a great celebration of sport and solidarity in favor of Giusy Versace's Disabili No Limits again this year. Venicemarathon and Rotary District 2060 united once again to say “End Polio Now”!


Venice, 26 September 2023 - The Alì Family Run tour begins, the non-competitive 4km solidarity runs organized by Venicemarathon and reserved for students and families which, like every year, mark the lead-up to the appointment with the 37th Wizz Air Venicemarathon next October 22nd.

There are five stages planned again this year. It starts in Portogruaro (Parco della Pace) on Friday 29 September and continues on Saturday 30 September in Chioggia (Isola dell'Unione); Friday 6 October in San Donà di Piave (Piazza Indipendenza); Saturday 14 October in Dolo-Riviera del Brenta (Walter Martire sports field) and finally Friday 20 October, the day before the Venicemarathon, in Mestre in the San Giuliano Park. In short, it will be a great celebration of sport and solidarity which will involve many local schools, embracing the entire Metropolitan City of Venice, with the aim of having over 20,000 people running.
This year too, the close and fruitful collaboration between Venicemarathon and the Rotary District 2060 continues to raise awareness among young people of the importance of the fight against polio on a global level. The 'End Polio Now' project logo will be present on all official blue t-shirts this year, which participants will receive and can wear during the races. A QRCode will link to a series of short films that tell the story of this disease and the actions to prevent it. In each competition field, the various territorial clubs of District 2060 will be present with volunteers and information gazebos, to raise awareness of their service action in the area and distribute gadgets.
The Alì Family Runs have always also been an opportunity to raise funds to finance school sports projects and support solidarity projects. The proceeds from memberships will be distributed as follows: 2 euros destined for the participating schools, 2 euros to cover organizational expenses, and 1 euro in favor of 'Disabili No Limits', the association founded in 2011 by the paralympic athlete Giusy Versace , to provide prostheses and useful aids to people with disabilities who wish to take up sports.
The entire tour was presented this morning on the event's Facebook page in the presence of the vice mayor of Venice Andrea Tomaello, the administrators of some interested municipalities such as Daniele Tiozzo (Chioggia sports association), Simone Cereser (San Donà sports association of Piave), Elena Marigo (municipal councilor of Stra), Lucio Nalesso (municipal councilor of Fiesso d'artigianato), and also of Alexia Boro (Head of the Home of The Human Safety Net), Giulia Levorato (Alì Press Office) and obviously the president of Venicemarathon Piero Rosa Salva, the vice president Stefano Fornasier and the general coordinator Lorenzo Cortesi. Speaking for Rotary were Federico Nalin (Rotaract Club Venezia Riviera Del Brenta) and the president of the Rotary Club Venezia-Mestre Christiano Costantini.
“The Alì Family Run – said the president of Venicemarathon Piero Rosa Salva – have over 30 years of history, because they were born together with the Venicemarathon precisely as a promotional moment on the eve of the big event. An event that over time has expanded to the point that today it has 5 stages, spread throughout the month preceding our marathon and thus becoming an important social and solidarity moment for schools, students and institutions. I would like to thank all those involved and the many volunteers who will allow us to make the Alì Family Run a reality."
"The Family Runs are an opportunity to involve the entire province of Venice - added the vice mayor and councilor for sport of the Municipality of Venice Andrea Tomaello - I was lucky enough to experience it both as an athlete, in high school, and now in as municipal administrator and I believe that they are truly a very important moment of aggregation and solidarity for everyone".
"Today we are talking about 5 stages, but in reality there are 7 Alì Family Runs because, thanks also to the support of Alì who, like us, believes in the values of the territory, we also exported the project on the occasion of the 12th Jesolo Moonlight last May 20th and of the 2nd Compressport Venice Lido Beach Trail last Sunday, enriching the sporting offer and making even the little ones experience the atmosphere of the great event" - underlined the general coordinator of Venicemarathon, Lorenzo Cortesi.
"The lead-up to the 37th Wizz Air Venicemarathon gets longer and longer every year

ù rich and important, thanks to the Alì Family Runs which every year are able to bring more and more people, families and students closer to sport." - finally added the vice president of Venicemarathon Stefano Fornasier.
“We are happy to be able to confirm ourselves as supporters of the Alì Family Run, after the successful summer editions of Jesolo and the Lido of Venice, because they are events that embody our values - said Giulia Levorato, press office of Alì S.p.A. – We were born as a local reality that lives and grows in and for the territory. We believe it is essential to give value to the time spent with the family, if you can do it outdoors and practice sports, during recreational events designed specifically for families you contribute to improving life in the area. And this is precisely our objective, our mission, so we warmly await the start of the amateur racing event attended by the most heterogeneous public, more or less athletically prepared, but united by the desire to spend quality time together".

The times for all stages will be as follows: meeting at 9am and departure at 10am. Registration is open and it is possible to register online on the Enternow platform, accessible directly from the website www., or through your school.

The minimum membership offer is 5 euros and includes the official t-shirt and the refreshment that participants will find at the end of the race with San Benedetto's AquaVitamin, the delicious Palmisano biscuits, the crunchy Morato Bread Chips and many Alì gadgets for everyone.

Thanks to the collaboration with 'The Human Safety Net', the students of the schools of each stage who will participate with a larger representation will have the opportunity to visit (with a companion) the interactive exhibition 'A World of Potential' hosted on the third floor of the Procuratie Vecchie, House of The Human Safety Net in Piazza San Marco in Venice, in the same way all participants will be able to access the same Exhibition via a '2x1' entrance ticket.

The first two scheduled stops are Portogruaro on Friday 29 September and Chioggia on Saturday 30 September. Let's see them in detail:
Portogruaro – Like last year, the first stop that will host the Alì Family Run is Portogruaro where last year, at the first edition, 2,800 students showed up at the start. The meeting is scheduled at 9 am at the Parco della Pace and the departure at 10 am from Via Seminario. The route will develop along via Padre Bernardino, viale Luigi Cadorna, Percorso Del Twinning via Stadio, along the cycle path: via Bono, via Isonzo, via Bertolini, via Russolo, via Valle, via Castion, via Spiga, Borgo San Giovanni, Corso Martiri Della Libertà, vicolo Del Duomo, via Roma, via Garibaldi, via Seminario and Parco della Pace. You can also register on site on the morning of the race.
Chioggia - Consolidated and always well-attended stage. Departure is scheduled for 10am (with meeting at 9am) from Isola dell'Unione and the route will develop along the Lusenzo lagoon basin. The streets affected by the passage are: Ponte Translagunare, calle Ponte S. Giacomo, Corso del Popolo, Fondamenta San Francesco, via Granatieri di Sardegna, Padoan promenade, Ponte Baden Powell, cycle path, via Sottomarina, Fondamenta Lungolaguna, Ponte Translagunare, Ingresso Campo Union Island Sportsman. You can also register on site on the morning of the race.
The format of the third stage changes, that of San Donà di Piave, which returns to being hosted in the heart of the city, in Piazza Indipendenza. The fourth stage, Dolo-Riviera del Brenta, will once again be hosted by the 'W. Martyr' and, as always, dedicated to the memory of Lorenzo Trovò, the founder of Dolo Sport. Finally, on Friday 20 October, it will be the turn of the final stage in Mestre - Parco San Giuliano, where godmother Giusy Versace will also be present.

The Alì Family Runs are events organized by Venicemarathon with the support of the municipal administrations of Portogruaro, Chioggia, San Donà di Piave, Venice, the municipalities of the Brenta Riviera - Stra, Mira, Dolo and Fiesso D'artigianato, and by important companies such as : Alì, Craft, Rotary District 2060, Wizz Air, Banco BPM, AquaVitamin, 1/6H Sport, Dolci Palmisano, Morato Pane, Il Gazzettino, Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea, ATVO, 3B Meteo.
The event is promoted by Opes Italia, the organization for sports education.