16,000 athletes at the start of the 37th Wizz Air Venicemarathon on Sunday: every participation record broken!

The race that will take place on three distances (42K-21K-10K) on Sunday 22 October was presented today in Mestre. Last bibs available in the marathon

Venice, 18 October 2023 - The curtain officially rises on the 37th edition of the Venice Marathon scheduled for Sunday 22 October on the distances of the marathon, half marathon and 10K and which from this year will be called Wizz Air Venicemarathon thanks to the family entry, as title sponsor of the airline Wizz Air.

There will therefore be 16,000 athletes at the start in the 3 races, of which approximately 40% will be foreigners. Numbers that make Venicemarathon one of the most fascinating marathons of the autumn and an event capable of generating an important economic impact on the territory (estimated around 15 million euros), also thanks to its international media showcase
The formula of the three distances has therefore been confirmed, which will allow not only expert runners, but really everyone, to experience the experience of running in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This is demonstrated by the registrations which, in the half marathon and the ten kilometre, closed a few months early due to the available places being sold out (3,500 in the 21K and 6,500 in the 10K), as well as in the marathon which reached 6,000.
ON TV In fact, the full live broadcast on Raisport has been confirmed from 9.30 to 12.30, while abroad it can be followed on Sky New Zealand, Sport 5 Israel, Shanghai Television and the highlights of the marathon will be distributed by Eurovision in over 54 countries.

THE THREE STARTS The first race to start will be the VM10K which will start at 8.15 am from San Giuliano Park in Mestre, followed by the 2nd Venice Half Marathon which will start at 9 am from the 'living room' of Mestre, Piazza Ferretto and finally the Venice Marathon which will start from Villa Pisani in Stra, at approximately 9.40 am. This year too, the Villa will open its gates, exceptionally, to host all the pre-race services until the moment of entering the starting grids. Once started, both the 10K and 21K routes will merge into the fascinating marathon route in a scenic context unique in the world and of extraordinary beauty, which embraces the Metropolitan City of Venice from Stra to Riva Sette Martiri: final finish line which will continuously welcome, from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, the succession of arrivals of all the competitors.

THE ELITE RACE - 'King' Solomon Mutai, the Ugandan athlete so pleasantly renamed last year after his triumph in the lagoon with the course record (2h08'10”), returns to Venice to try to repeat his success and improve on something further to the record of the race. This year too, the Kenyan Emmanuel Rutto Naibei will make the task difficult for him, second last year with a delay on Mutai of over 1'30". The other Africans in the race worth mentioning are the Ethiopian Bekele Mesfin Teshome (2h09'24 - Dubai Marathon 2016) and the Kenyan Noah Kigen Kiprotich (2h10'22" - Màlaga Marathon 2022). In a blue key we will witness the debut of the Italian-Moroccan steeplechase and middle-distance runner Abdoullah Bamoussa, standard bearer of Atletica Brugnera Friulintagli and who represented Italy at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, in the 3000 meter steeplechase race. The Italian-Moroccan athlete Said Boudalia will also be at the start, fresh winner of the European master half marathon title (M55) at the Ancona championships and who will go after the master world record (2h25'56”) which has belonged to the Dutch Piet van Alphen. Even among the women, there will be a race to try to lower the race record of 2h23'37" set way back in 2011 by Kenyan Helena Kirop. The Kenyan Rebbeca Sirwanei Tanui, winner of the San Sebastiàn marathon (Esp) last year with a personal best of 2h23'09" and the very strong Kenyan Shamilah Tekaa Kipsorir, winner of the half marathon this year, will try to attack the race record. of Ghent (BEL) in 1h07'53”, who chose Venice to make his marathon debut.
THE PRESENTATION - The event was presented this morning in Mestre, at the Auditorium of the Metropolitan City of Venice and the host was Matteo Senno, metropolitan councilor delegate for sport: "It is a metropolitan event because it involves many municipalities in the area both in the race on Sunday and in the Family Run. Initiatives like this are very important for sport and for the vision we have of sport as a metropolitan administration. Mayor Brugnaro wrote a book entitled "The children will judge us": well, all the children who took part and will take part in the Family Run will have the opportunity to learn the values of sport, which teaches us to become citizens with a capital C, to get up after a defeat, to work as a team and is the best tool for aggregation".
Anche Venicemarathon president Piero Rosa Salva focused on the metropolitan aspect in his speech: 'We present the 37th Wizz Air Venicemarathon in one of the venues of the Metropolitan City of Venice as our event becomes more and more metropolitan every year, due to its ability to involve all the realities of the territory not only with the splendid route from Brenta to Venice but also with the stages of the Alì Family Run. The Venicemarathon therefore represents the perfect combination between grassroots promotion, and therefore between young people, schools and families, and the elite sporting aspect".
Andrea Tomaello, deputy mayor and sports councilor of the Municipality of Venice, also spoke: “Thanks to all those who prepare this event which is not only sporting but also cultural and tourist given the induced activities it generates throughout the territory. And thanks to those who will be there on Sunday, not only in the race but also behind the scenes. Organizing an event like this means demonstrating the positive collaboration of many entities: municipalities, law enforcement agencies, volunteers, runners. It's a chain in which all it takes is one missing link and everything can break. In this, this event is a winning model."
Also happy to celebrate and applaud the passage of this 37th edition of the Venicemarathon are the mayors of the Brenta Riviera who attended this morning such as the councilor of Stra Elena Marigo, the mayor of Fiesso d'artigianato Marco Cominato, the sports councilor of Dolo Cristina Nardo, the mayor of Mira Marco Dori, Marco Giovanni Viti of the Tourism Directorate of the Veneto Region, the regional councilor Roberta Vianello, the budget councilor of the Municipality of Venice Michele Zuin, the Head of Promotion, Communication and Institutional Relations of the System Authority Port of the Northern Adriatic Sea Federica Bosello and, finally, Alberto Teso mayor of San Donà, who symbolically represented the mayors of the Alì Family Run headquarters.
The word then passed to the general coordinator of Venicemarathon Lorenzo Cortesi who illustrated the details of the event and summarized as follows: "Venicemarathon is a complete, 360-degree event, as it is inclusive, supportive, attentive to social and environmental dynamics and which every year seeks to give everyone the opportunity to live a unique experience. The extraordinary numbers this year and above all the massive presence of foreigners also herald an important economic impact on the area".
A comment on the elite race was then made by vice president Stefano Fornasier. "We have created a high-level cast again this year. We managed to bring back last year's winner because he wants to try to go under 2h08' and he chose Venice to do so. Even in the women's field, we will set up a race that will try to beat the 2011 record."
Also very important is the contribution from the Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea: “The Port System Authority has supported the Venicemarathon for a quarter of a century because it fully shares the values of solidarity and commitment expressed by this sporting competition which stimulates the pursuit of excellence without forgetting fair play. The race route, which crosses the port areas of Scomenzera, Santa Marta and San Basilio, also offers us the opportunity to reach a large audience and to talk about the waterfront to come as these areas are the subject of a major redevelopment project that will consolidate further strengthens the strong bond between the city and its port. Finally, this year the port community is putting on the track a team of 50 athletes who will also compete in the Ports of Veneto Trophy, a charitable initiative that will allow us to support a solidarity project in our territory. Thanks for the convinced participation goes to the Port Authority, Vecon, TRV Euroports, VTP, Moorers, Pilots and to the entire port community" - these are the words of Fulvio Lino Di Blasio, president of AdSP MAS.
Eva Passmore, Head of Marketing at Wizz Air, was also connected from Budapest: "Wizz Air has always been a promoter of an active lifestyle and we have been sponsoring running events since 2015. This year alone 60,000 runners are competing with WIZZ. Flying and running at low fares have a lot in common: they improve people's lives by putting them on the move and create new experiences by being convenient and easily accessible to all. Italy is one of our reference markets where we are the third largest airline offering tickets on almost 230 routes to over 40 countries, including over 90 unique destinations while providing the lowest fares per kilometer to Italians. Our aim is to build a strong bond between the WIZZ brand and Italians by engaging the local community and encouraging as many people possible to participate in our events d

i race all over Europe and beyond,”
Piero Rosa Salva then announced the entry into the 'family' of another very important partner: Confindustria Venezia and its president Vincenzo Marinese commented on the news as follows: "Confindustria has entered the share capital of Venicemarathon because it is a project that belongs to the community that promotes cultural, social and aggregation values, capable of involving thousands of people".
Some sponsors and media partners present at the conference also spoke, such as Alberto Marin of Banco BPM, Alessio Ranallo of Craft, the director of the Civil Protection of the Metropolitan City of Venice Massimo Gattolin and Gilberto Sartorato of Fidal Venezia.
Giusy Versace, the paralympic athlete, senator of the Republic and president of Disabili No Limits, the association that will also be supported by the Alì Family Run this year, also connected to say hello.

The 37th Wizz Air Venicemarathon is an international race, included in the international calendar of World Athletics, A.I.M.S, in the Abbott World Marathon Majors circuit and is recognized by FIDAL as a 'Gold Label' marathon.

The 37th Wizz Air Venicemarathon is organized by Venicemarathon and created thanks to the essential support of the Municipalities of Venice, Stra, Fiesso d'artigianato, Dolo and Mira. Also fundamental this year too is the contribution of the Veneto Region, the Metropolitan City of Venice, the Prefecture, the Police Headquarters, CONI, FIDAL, CIP and AIMS, the Venice Rovigo Chamber of Commerce, Confindustria Venice, the System Authority Port Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea, of the Fire Brigade, of the State, Road, Telecommunications and Border Police, of the Carabinieri, of the Municipal Police, of the Civil Protection of the Metropolitan City of Venice and of all the other Institutions and Forces of the Order that has always contributed significantly to the success of the event.

The sponsors of the 37th Wizz Air Venicemarathon are: Wizz Air (Title Sponsor), Craft (Technical Sponsor & Official Shoe), Banco BPM (Financial Sponsor), Alì (Official Sponsor), Vega (Official Sponsor), Honda (Official Car), Consorzio Tutela Prosecco DOC (Official Sparkling Wine), Pro Action (Sport Nutrition Partner), San Benedetto (Official Water), 1/6H Sport (Official Shop), Master Aid, Massigen (Official Medical Supplier). Official Supplier, OVS, Dole, Rio Mare, Palmisano, Bavaria, Tronchetto Parking, Coldiretti Venezia, Morato Pane, 3B Meteo, Medisol, MinoEge, VTP, Veritas, Evodata, Gac, Venezia Turismo Motoscafi, Alilaguna, Airone. Diabasi (The Brand of professional Massage) and Lacomed Sport (Official Supplier – Massage Service). Partners: Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea Ports of Venice and Chioggia, APVInvestimenti, Confindustria Veneto Est. Media Partners: Raisport, Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport, Il Gazzettino, Sport Economy.

The 37th Wizz Air Venicemarathon is part of the 'Citta in Festa' program of the Municipality of Venice and the 'Grandi Eventi 2023' program of the Veneto Region.

Accreditation requests must be received using the appropriate form on the website www.venicemarathon.it, in the Media Area section.