The Charity Program solidarity marathon is at the starting line!

The record results of the 2023 edition were illustrated this morning live on Facebook and the 2024 project was presented.
The godmother Giusy Versace was also connected

Venice, 30 May 2024 - The Venicemarathon proves to be an important event for solidarity and solidarity has always been an integral part of the Venicemarathon project and will remain so in the future. Proof of this is the numbers of the Charity Program which in 9 years has raised over 1 million euros, but above all it is the enthusiasm with which the non-profit organizations participate in the initiative every year and are committed to creating teams of fundraisers, ambassadors of a good cause .

Last year the Charity Program raised the record sum of 120,861 euros and the organizations that contributed most to achieving this extraordinary result were the Rotary District 2060 with the 'End Polio Now' project which raised 39,309 euros, the Banca degli Occhi (free eye examinations for patients with rare pathologies) which raised 25,240 euros and the Linfa Association (complete biological analysis of tumor samples from patients suffering from neurofibromatosis) which on its debut in Venice raised 18,196 euros.

These, and many other data, were made known this morning by the president of Venicemarathon Piero Rosa Salva and the general coordinator Lorenzo Cortesi during an online presentation on the Venicemarathon Facebook page, in which Francesca Gervasoni of Rete del Dono, several non-profit associations and godmother Giusy Versace.

The occasion also served to present the 2024 Charity Program, therefore linked to the 38th Wizz Air Venicemarathon on October 27th and which already sees many associations registered. Among these: Aclicoop, Avapo, Africa Mission, Aido, Airc, Amatori Atletica Chirignago, Banca degli Occhi, Care to Action, Città della Speranza, Disabili No Limits, Fondazione Salus Pueri, Fondazione Italiana diabetes ETS, Il Volo, Iside Cooperativa Sociale, Linfa Odv, Lions Riviera del Brenta, Let's talk with Francesca, Restart Sport Academy, Rotary District 2060, Red Carpet for All, Sport Senza Frontiere.

Most are associations that renew their commitment every year, while the paralympic sports association Restart Sport Academy, the Italian Diabetes Foundation ETS and the Amatori Atletica Chirignago committed to supporting the battle become part of the Venicemarathon family for the first time. against the ALS of their vice president Alberto Rusconi.

The paralympic athlete Giusy Versace, in addition to playing the role of godmother of the Venicemarathon, will also participate this year in the Charity Program with her non-profit organization Disabili No Limits committed to providing prostheses and other aids not provided for by the National Health System to people with disabilities with they want to start playing sports.

“Combining an event like the Venice Marathon with a fundraising initiative always deserves great applause from me too. This year I'm taking part again with my non-profit organization and I feel great enthusiasm from the people I'm contacting, because running in Venice always has a great fascination. The objective will not be to reach the finish line first, but to raise as much money as possible to help an 8-year-old Neapolitan girl, Angela, whose leg was amputated two years ago.” – these are the words of Versace, who spoke live.

Soon, all the associations will present projects and minimum collection objectives on the Rete del Dono page dedicated to the 38th Wizz Air Venicemarathon.