Venicemarathon and Correre magazine launch the 'Training for Wizz Air Venicemarathon' project

The 15-week training program, free and for everyone, created by the organizers of the Venice Marathon in collaboration with the prestigious Correre magazine to cross the much coveted finish line of the 42K in Venice on October 27th, begins. It starts on Friday 12 July with the first weekly appointment.


Venice 8 July 2024 - In the run-up to the 38th Wizz Air Venicemarathon on Sunday 27 October, the organizers of the Venice Marathon have entered into an important collaboration with the prestigious Correre magazine, aimed at transforming the dream of crossing the finish line of one of the marathons most fascinating in the world in reality, through the 'Training to Wizz Air Venicemarathon' training program.

Free and accessible to all, Training to Wizz Air Venicemarathon is aimed at expert marathon runners, beginners, novices and Italian and foreign walkers.

 Three different types of programs will therefore be drawn up by the Correre editorial team:
- performance program, in which the goal is to run a marathon under 3h30';
- program without time limits, where the focus becomes crossing the finish line in Venice with a smile on your face;
- program dedicated to fit-walking alternating with light running, to finish the marathon within 6 hours (limit time of the Wizz Air Venicemarathon).

The tables with the 3 distinct pace bands will be published on the website and each table will be linked to a special page of advice and notes, in Italian and English, on the website

The tables will be published on a weekly basis and the publication day will be Friday, starting from 12 July, for 15 weeks.

Finally, it will be possible to address requests for clarification (not personalized programs, much less questions relating to one's preparation) to the magazine's great training experts such as: Orlando Pizzolato, Lorenzo Falco, Massimiliano Monteforte and Giorgio Garello.

The entire operation will be launched on CorrereTV, the web TV of the newspaper, in today's episode Monday 8 July, in the company of Orlando Pizzolato and the general coordinator of Venicemarathon Lorenzo Cortesi.