Venicemarathon is not just a race, it's also solidarity.

This is how the "Run for Water, Run for Life" project was born, in collaboration with Africa Mission - Cooperation and Development. . For more than thirty years they've worked in Africa raising funds for digging wells in the impoverished Ugandan region of Karamoja.
The project started in 2006 when more than 15.000 euro in funds were collected and wholly used for the digging of a well "entitled" to Venicemarathon and friends. In 2007 the amount of funds collected increased and that money is now being used for digging more wells.

To participate in the production of this small yet great act of solidarity is easy: in the days preceding the 23° Venicemarathon Trofeo Casinò di Venezia, an SMS solidarity number will be activated as we've done in the previous years, which will give you the possibility to donate 1 euro to the project. It's also possible to make your donation upon registration for the Venicemarathon.

Venicemarathon is also trying to involve school aged children in the solidarity initiatives: part of the earnings from the two Family Runs (the non competitive races reserved for school aged children and their families which is held the day before the marathon in the San Giuliano Park and in
Dolo) will be given in charity to the Africa Mission.

Lastly, during the opening of Exposport it will be possible to find Africa Mission in the "African village" set up in the Sports Fair, the Marathon's general headquarters.