Venicemarathon is part of the Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda Age Group World Ranking and it is worldwide recognized and Bronze Label certificated by IAAF, and Gold Label by FIDAL.
The race route is unique: - start line in front of Villa Pisani, Riviera del Brenta; - run in Venice, crossing the floating bridge set up for the race, through Piazza San Marco, by the Campanile and Palazzo Ducale... Venicemarathon is a race that continues to fascinate runners and spectators for decades.


The event is open to all athletes being at least 20.
If you run with tourist-sporting goals in the not agonistic race it will be enough to register online and then sign and upload the Venicemarathon liability waiver form.
If you prefer to take part in the agonistic race, and have the chance to compete for a prize and be included in the FIDAL/IAAF ranking list you must meet one of the following requirements :
• hold membership of a foreign Sports Federation affiliated with World Athletics and in this case you have to provide Venicemarathon with a copy of the association license or a self declaration in which you declare that you are affiliated with a sports club;
• get the FIDAL Runcard and provide Venicemarathon with a copy of the medical certification which allows you to take part in competitive races according to the Italian law.

Download HERE the official rulebook

2024 entry fees
62€ from 1 to 4000 entries
72€ from 4001 to 6000 entries
82€ from 6001
Entry options
Entry can be made using the online registration, in this case the payment will be made at the moment of registration by credit card.
Registration fee includes:
• Bib number
• Medical assistance
• Refreshments along the course
• Goody bag
• Official programme and information publications
• Rent of timing chip
• Results by e-mail
• Finisher's commemorative medal
• Pre-race transportation from Venice Tronchetto or Mestre to the start area
• Personal clothes transportation from start to finish area
• Post-race transportation from the finish area to Venice Tronchetto, Mestre or start area
Under no circumstances are the entry fees refundable or transferable to another athlete. If you are worried that will happen unforeseen events that will prevent you from competing you can buy, at the registration moment, an insurance.

Do you want to be sure of a refund of the fee, in case of justified inability to participate, at a low cost?

TDS, in partnership with ERGO, one of the most important brands in the insurance sector, offers you a specific product for those who, like you, may be forced to renounce participation due to illness (including diseases related to COVID-19), accident, accident during the trip or other unforeseen causes. In case of recognition of the compensation, the reimbursement covers the registration fee, the commissions, for the service and all other possible services purchased (with the exclusion of the cost of the policy) that you will not be able to use due to absence!


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Be a pacer means not only to run to reach a goal, but also to support the group that you look after.

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Start line

Stra (VE) - Villa Pisani

Finish line

Venezia - Riva Sette Martiri


42,195 kilometers / 26,224 miles
Distance measured and certified by AIMS/World Athletics.
There is no half marathon race. The race is only on the full marathon distance

Course overview

The start of the 42K is from the Queen of the Venetian Villas, Villa Pisani, which exceptionally opens the gates of its park to welcome the marathon runners before the start.

The first part of the course, along the Riviera del Brenta develops through  a landscape rich in history, art and culture, characterized by many ancient Venetian Villas overlooking the river.

Then the race course goes through the centre of Marghera and Mestre, and here it passes through the new museum of the 20th century, M9, a new workshop of technological and interactive knowledge, with its colourful buildings which host the museum halls. The course snakes over 2 km inside San Giuliano Park, where the 10K starts, and reaches Venice by the “Ponte della Libertà” (a flat and straight bridge of almost 4 km).

The race enters the renovated port area and reaches the historic centre where you experience the most special and unforgettable part of the race. You run alongside Canale della Giudecca to Punta della Dogana, where a pontoon bridge built specifically for the race allows you to cross the Grand Canal.

Passing through Piazza San Marco (high tide permitting ...), near the Campanile and the Doge's Palace, the course reaches the finish line located in Riva Sette Martiri.


Course difficulty

The Venicemarathon course is basically flat and fast. There are just a few difficulties, represented by 3-4 short slopes (100 meters or so) between the 25th and 35th kilometer.
In the final part of the marathon course (last 3 kilometers), runners will face 14 little bridges over Venice's canals. Wooden ramps are put in place to prevent athletes from running on the steps.
There are no cobblestones on the course (apart from the last 100 meters before the finish line). In the final 3 kilometres the running surface will be mainly made of large rectangular stone slabs.
The course is entirely closed to traffic and every kilometer is marked.

Course highlights

Riviera del Brenta, with several 18th century mansions along the course (in particular the impressive "Villa Pisani" at the start). Zattere, a 2-km-long embankment next to the Giudecca Canal, where athletes run close to the water.
The Bridge over the Grand Canal, a 170-meters-long bridge which is built just before the marathon and dismantled the night after.
Piazza San Marco and Palazzo Ducale, historical Venice landmarks.
Finish line in Riva Sette Martiri, in the picturesque waterfront of St. Mark's Basin.