Useful Info 21K

Before the race - The previous days


Check your entry

Click here to check your registration. Have a look at the square reported by your name, if the light is green no problem, if it is yellow or red click on it and read the missing documents. Do not get to Venice without having all documents in order.

Registration requirements

If you run with tourist-sporting goals in the not agonistic race it will be enough to register online and then
sign and upload the Venicemarathon liability waiver form.

We remember if you want to take part in the competitive race in Italy, according to the FIDAL rules, you
have to:
* hold membership of a foreign Sports Federation affiliated with World Athletic and in this case you have
* to provide Venicemarathon with a copy of the association license or a self declaration in which you
* declare that you are affiliated with a sports club;
* get the FIDAL Runcard and provide Venicemarathon with a copy of the medical certification which
* allows you to take part in competitive races according to the Italian law.
Pay attention!!!! If you do not provide us with the sport licence and medical certificate you cannot participate in the event!!!!

Come and get your Bib number and Race bag pick up at Exposport Venicemarathon Village

One week before the race we will email you the final confirmation letter. It is the only document accepted to get the bib number and the chip attached.
IMPORTANT NOTE!!! The chip is disposable so you DON’T NEED to give it back after the race.
It is a digital letter, so DO NOT PRINT IT! Just show it to the staff from your smart phone or tablet.
The bib number pick up is at Exposport Venicemarathon Village at San Giuliano Park in Mestre – Porta Blu (Blue entrance) on:
    * Friday, October 20 from 9am to 8pm 
    * Saturday, October 21 from 9 am to 8pm. 
When getting the bib number remember to have the confirmation letter, an identity document and the missing documents if requested on the confirmation letter. If your registration is incomplete, you won’t take part in the race.

Getting to San Giuliano Park

BY TRAM: from Venice take the tram line T1 and get off at San Giuliano stop; from Mestre Train station take the line T2,  change at Mestre Centro – Piazzale Cialdini and from here take the line T1 to Venice and get off San Giuliano stop. Trams run every ten minutes. Click here for further information.

BY CAR: from Trieste or Treviso: when you arrive in Mestre take the exit Terraglio, continue towards Venice for 6 kilometers and San Giuliano Park will be on your left, look for Porta Blu. 
From Milan or Bologna when at the toll gate in Mestre, go straight on for about 8 Km, take the exit Terraglio, continue towards Venice for 6 kilometers and San Giuliano Park will be on your left, look for Porta Blu. 
Do not park your car in the middle of the street but follow the instructions of our volunteers and use the parking lots in Porta Gialla and MARIVE.

BY TRAIN: from Venezia-Mestre train station take the tram or the orange ACTV bus no. 9 or 15.

Before the race - The race day


Check the list!

Before leaving home or the hotel check if something is missing: 
* The documents to get the bib number 
* The proper clothes to race (suitable for the weather conditions!!!!) 
* Some dry clothes to get changed after the race

Getting to the start!!

There will be a free shuttle service to reach the start line in Mestre, reserved to participants only. The organization strongly advises all participants to use said service because the start area is difficult to access by personal means of transportation.
Shuttles will leave from:
* Venezia Mestre (railway station - former Post Office - 50 meters on the right as you exit the station) between 7:15am to 7:350am (last bus).

We remind you that the 21K shuttles will be marked by signs indicating the distance of the race on each single bus! Don't miss the bus


Numerous toilets will be set up in the starting area for all athletes.

Kit bags for your personal belongings

When ready put your kit bag on to the appropriate baggage truck in the start area, it is easy to find the right one, just lookout for the truck number (from I to III) reported on your bib and on your kit bag adhesive numbered sticker. For practical reasons, all bags will have to be handed in to the volunteers by 8:00am. A special adhesive numbered sticker (also given out by the organization) must be fixed to the front of the Kit bag on the area indicated. Bags handed in late or not to the staff in the trucks WON’T BE FOUND AT THE FINISH LINE and the organization won’t be responsible for it. 
We will transport your bag as safe as possible but the organization won’t be responsible for damages/loss that might occur, so please do not insert any valuable object or important documents.

Enter your corral

Your corral can be identified by the color of your bib number; you can enter the corral between 8.30am and 8:45am. Respect the corral you have been assigned to.
Note: Latecomers will start the race at the back of the group!

During the race

Start Area


Ready... Steady... Go!

The start will be given at 9:00am approximately.

Craft Pacing Team

The Venicemarathon Ambassadors are your guardian angels who will make you reach your goal in total safety!
A group of athletes at your disposal who will help you close the half marathon in the time you have set.
These are the times in which the Venicemarathon Ambassadors will reach the finish line 1h30' - 1h40' - 1h45' - 1h50' - 1h55' - 2h00' - 2h15’ – 2h30’.

Get your Energy back!

We encourage you to bring everything you will need with you during the race.
On the route you will still find refreshment points with San Benedetto water every 5 kilometers, starting from kilometer 5, from the refreshment point of kilometer 15 there will also be ProAction supplements and Palmisano biscuits and Dole fruits.

Attention: Proaction supplements will be delivered to you in a plastic glass containing only the correct dose of powder, use the water you have taken to dissolve it!

For logistical reasons, the refreshment provided at the 15th kilometer will be moved on the 14th, while the refreshment provided at the 20th will be placed at the 17th kilometer of the race

Remember to drink abundantly, especially if the day is quite hot and to eat properly during the race.

Freshen up!

IN COMPLIANCE WITH ANTICOVID PROTOCOLS, NO SPONGING POINTS ARE PROVIDED. We therefore advise you not to throw away the bottle of water taken at the refreshment point but to use it to cool off.

Do not leave rubbish around!

While running throw sponges and bottles in the recycle bins placed on the course!!!!! Not doing it could cause disqualification!


The Evodata chip is attached to the bib number. You will be timed the net time which is the real time you take to complete the 21.097km. Don’t remove the chip or you won’t be timed!
NOTE!! The timing chip is disposable this year, so you DO NOT NEED TO give it back after the race.

Race course

The race will start from the 'living room' of Mestre, the area of Piazza Ferretto, after which the competitors will pass through the renewed central area of Piazzetta Coin and via Poerio, to then touch the new M9 museum complex and reach 'Piazza XXVII Ottobre', commonly known like 'Piazza Barche'. From here, you enter the traditional route of the Venicemarathon which passes along the Salso Canal, the green avenues of the San Giuliano Park and the Ponte della Libertà, and then enters the heart of Venice, where the athletes will face the extraordinary route flush with the water. water, appreciated all over the world for its uniqueness, up to the finish line in Riva Sette Martiri. The route was designed together with the Municipal Administration and the Local Police to cause as little discomfort as possible to citizens and avoid the prolongation of changes to the road network.

In case of withdrawal from the race

Should you need to withdraw from the race do not panic; there are several sweep buses, ambulances and medical motorbikes that follow the race and which will assist you; in case of need, they will take you to the gathering points for withdrawn runners. They will be located in San Giuliano Park (km 10 approx.). Withdrawn athletes will be further taken to Venezia Tronchetto where will board a ferry to get to the finish area, retrieve their kit bag and meet up with family and friends.

Complete the race within the time limit

The maximum time to pass at the10K is 1h10’.
The maximum time to finish the half marathon is 2h30’.
After these times the Organizing Committee cannot guarantee the complete closing of the race course.

Home straight

Caution!! Please do not let your kids go inside the race course as it could be dangerous for their safety.

The finish-line

Congratulations you’ve crossed the finish line!
After the finish line you will find the technical area with all the post-race services.

After the race

Il post arrivo


Collect your kit bags and your Personal Belongings

At the finish line you can get your kit bag that you left few hours before at the finish line, to get it, check the numbers outside the tents and show your bib number to the staff.

Final refreshment

The delivery of the final refreshment bag with San Benedetto water, ProAction supplements, Palmisano biscuits, Coldiretti and Dole fruit, Morato snack and Bavaria beer to toast your race.
There you will also find the location of the photographers who will immortalize your success.

Relief your muscles

In the post-finish line technical area inside the Giardini della Biennale you will find the Officinalis massage area where the Diabasi masseurs will be ready and loosen your muscles after the fatigue of the race.

Family reunion

The finish area is closed to public and the entrance is allowed only to athletes. You could meet your family who are in Venice and support you just after the restricted area in Campo Sant’Iseppo.

Go back to the Mainland!

To go back to the mainland from the finish line there are free services for athletes.
 * Motorboats from Venezia Giardini to Venezia Tronchetto will be at athletes’ disposal from 11:30pm. 
 * Bus shuttle service will take you afterwards from Venezia Tronchetto to the railway station in Mestre.
To support runners, companions can buy tickets to join the athlete, limited to the motorboat service, at the price of 3 Euros at the InfoPoint at Exposport Venicemarathon Village or at 5 Euros directly when boarding the motorboat, subject to availability.

PAY ATTENTION!! The only free service at athletes’ disposal is the one arranged by the organization. Should you board ordinary-line-boats, the organization won’t be responsible for that and you will need to buy the tickets!

Ranking and race certificate

After the marathon you can get the official time and your race certificate on our website: You will get an email with the scored time.

Your Official Photos by Pica

Download the Pica APP from Apple Store or Google Play… after the finish line you could view your race photos! 
Keep smiling! The PICA photographers will get shots of you during your race. Look for them along the race course and when you see them…. smile :). 
After the race visit or open the app, type your PICA CODE and have a look at your photos.

Any other question??

Should you need any further information, email us or contact us on the social networks, we are at your disposal.